RESTART wants to create another 4th of July, a real independence day in our country!!

Make Iran Great Again means “WELCOME TO PERSIA”

Today is June 13, 2019; one year after...

Exclusive interview reveals hidden details surrounding the tense situation

As the recent crisis with Iran begins to heat up, Infowars reporter Greg Reese reaches out to the highly censored Iranian nationalist movement,...


Globalists and Radicals have taken the Earth hostage for hundreds of years!

Patriots are being killed for many years.

Radicals and Globalists have divided the tasks between themselves. Globalists...


Trump was not deceived and made Democrats so unhappy!?

Democrats, Globalists and Iran's regime want to force Trump to strike a few locations in Iran to play innocent and convince Europe to support...


Give me guns my friend!

The only way to change Iran's terrorist regime is The Cyrus Empire Military Strategy proposed by the RESTART opposition!

Otherwise, Iran will be disintegrated and a residing...

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