The most popular and revealing media; Infowars interviewed with RESTART Leader

RESTART Iranian movement rose after the release of RESTART Podcasts by SEYED MOHAMMAD HOSSEINI.

The intuitive ontological and scientific content of the podcasts quickly grasped the attention of a lot of Iranians inside and outside of Iran.

The interview took place on Wednesday October 2nd with Greg Reese Infowars’ reporter; Seyed Mohammad Hosseini on this interview mentioned the future constitution of Iran and the movement’s goals under his leadership while he answered his questions.

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini spoke about how Radical Islam has taken the people of Iran captive for the last 40 years. He supported Donald Trump and his foreign policies specially against Iran and North Korea.

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini also condemned the European governments’ support for reviving Radical Islamic groups like Islamic Republic of Iran and harboring some extremist groups like ISIS in Europe.

The interview happened while censorship and boycott of RESTART voice was a common theme around all the medias across the globe despite all its popularity and great achievements in Iran.

Almost three years has passed since the rise of RESTART; despite all the regime’s effort to assassinate Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, boycotting his voice, promoting fake oppositions, yet RESTART’s voice is eventually heard in well-known medias as an active and popular movement.

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