RESTART Leader’s Renewed Warning to Boris Johnson

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Donald Trump President of the United States and Boris Johnson British Prime Minister

The fall of the deep state has begun!

Dear Boris Johnson,
Congratulations on leaving the EU.

I’m glad you could regain your health, after contracting the Mystical Coronavirus.

The two remaining articles of the message below that I sent to you on December 14, 2019, are still awaiting to be actioned!

Mr. Boris Johnson;
The only and best way to save the UK is to…
● Leave the European Union!
● Get out of Iran’s nuclear deal!
● Fight the terrorist regime of Iran, toughen the sanctions and break the censorship against RESTART opposition!

Otherwise, I’ll have to say that the UK hasn’t had a politician for the past 64 years; all had been lobbyists!

Mr. Boris, the right path is Trump’s path!

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