Trump has not made any mistakes!

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Donald Trump

Globalists and Radicals try to put someone into power in a country in order to get billions of dollars from him!

Do you think Obama was the agent of Globalists or Radicals?
He gave $150 billion to Iran and loved Radical Islam.

President Trump is the only president in the world that was being impeached everyday during the four years of his first term.
He only had six months of peaceful time and he accomplished thousands of important jobs.
From the sanctions and fighting against the Communist China and Iran to developing the vaccine and the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement!

So far, Trump has not made any mistakes!

Let’s not move President Trump’s chess pieces!
Even if it was contradictory news,
just publish it.
There must be a political game in it!

Bring more attention to this matter instead of asking questions!

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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