RESTART Leader’s position on President Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

President Trump's "Deal of the Century"

I heard President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century”.
This is the best and most realistic plan in the last 70 years.

I must congratulate the Israelis for their humanity and for taking this great step.

If Mahmoud Abbas really loves the Palestinian people, this is the best and only opportunity!

In this regard, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini issued a message to Mahmoud Abbas:

You, the Resistance movement, Hassan Nasrallah and the terrorist regime of Iran have so far caused the death of so many Palestinians.

Your filthy game will end when the RESTART opposition comes to power!

After the regime change in Iran, the Cyrus Empire will be established in my country!

Our ultimate goals are to fight Radical Islam, eliminate terrorism, change the regime, establish the Cyrus Empire and unite with America and Israel.

Forget about the son of the former Shah of Iran or the MEK coming to power!

It’s so interesting that the wife of the former Shah of Iran, Khomeini, Khamenei, the MEK and the son of the former Shah of Iran all love Mahmoud Abbas and Palestine!!

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