RESTART Leader’s message to the world politicians!

World Politicians

We are the only opposition in the world that,
explained our foreign policy,
bravely declared who our friends and enemies are,
described our government type and the Cyrus Empire laws, for the world to know,
powerfully and honestly before we come to power.

This has only one meaning in politics!
We are a political group that knows,

  • where we have come from,
  • what we have come here for,
  • and where we are going!

a 300-year plan in the political world!

From fighting against Radical Islam and Socialism to the Communist China and…


The day we establish the Cyrus Empire in the land of Persia, we will go to the aid of the world’s Patriots with all the power we have, from Patriots in Venezuela to Patriots in China.

The day Patriots unite,
Globalists, Communists, Socialists and Radical Islamists will mourn!

All Patriots,
Together We Win!

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