Massive fraud has been found in the USA that is like a third world country!

Stop The Steal US Election 2020 #StopTheSteal

To find out the number of the votes for Biden, ask Americans in an opinion poll whether they would agree;
1. Hassan Rouhani becomes US president
2. to be a colony of China
Then, you will see that Biden will not get even five million votes!

Biden means Iran’s terrorist regime + Communist China!

And to understand the extent of fraud, just ask people in one of the states like Pennsylvania to vote again in person while observing the distances and separate the lines of Trump and Biden supporters to see the distance between the line lengths in miles.

This was an electoral coup!

The stupid news of Biden’s victory was so comic that Iranians were saying:
If Americans have voted for Biden, it just means, America was a third world country, and we did not know that.

Iranians know Joe Biden as;
useless, a puppet and an agent, sleepy and a dope!

Do you know this?!
President Trump did such a fantastic job in the past four years that if he puts locks on the doors of the White House and America is run without a president for the next four years, Americans’ financial situation will still be great and the economic prosperity will make America First.

Cyrus I

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