The main reason for the execution of Ruhollah Zam!

Roohollah Zam or Ruhollah Zam

A globally censored video!
The main reason for the execution of Ruhollah Zam is in this video.
This is the UN Security Council.

Zam was executed for promoting RESTART Opposition for 25 days!

RESTART Leader has been sentenced to death for 30 times!

In this video, the Iranian official is exactly saying that RESTART Leader, who lives in America, was the leader of the 2017 uprisings and 140 cities took to the streets on his command.

Zam’s Amad News too was promoting the RESTART Opposition and how to make Molotov cocktail then.

Emmanuel Macron, John Kerry, Angela Merkel, UN, and the media all have Ruhollah Zam’s blood on their hands.
They censored this video for the world not to know and now that he is been executed, they mourn and write statements.
Filthy people who only look for their own interest!

If Interpol had handed over RESTART Leader to the terrorist regime of Iran by John Kerry, Ruhollah Zam would not have been executed!
Zam had said that they would kill him because of the RESTART Leader!
He had repeatedly stated in Amad News that Reza Pahlavi is a British puppet, and in the past 40 years, the only alternative and the only opposition that is able to change Iran’s regime is the RESTART Opposition and RESTART Leader!

The Iranian regime wants to assassinate RESTART Leader.
The image below was the news Rohollah Zam reported in Amad News but all the media in the world censored it.

Telegram channel Amad News
Amad News Telegram channel

Why does the world censor this news?

There is a lot to say about Zam that RESTART Leader has not revealed yet!

RESTART Leader’s life is still in danger.

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