The Official Statement of the RESTART Opposition about former Shah’s family and allies

Mani Majd - RESTART (Seyed Mohammad Hosseini) Opposition Spokesperson

Today, June 26, 2022, the RESTART Opposition officially put the former Shah’s family on its terrorist list.
The reason for this decision was Farah Diba’s political and financial ties to Saddam Hussein, which led to the Iraqi military invasion of Iran.

Therefore, all those who have a political alliance or financial and commercial relations with this family will be prosecuted in Persian Empire government.

We know that Farah Diba paid a portion of the billions of dollars that the former Shah had taken out of Iran in advance to Saddam Hussein for a military strike on Iran in order to perhaps return to power.
And this betrayal of the former king’s widow led to a devastating a brutal war that left half a million dead and hundreds of thousands wounded.
Everyone must know that:
We neither forgive nor forget this great betrayal.

RESTART Opposition Leader,
Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini

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