RESTART Opposition statement regarding to the shameful agreement between Britain and Iran

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RESTART Opposition strongly condemns the recent agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United Kingdom and considers it annulled, and explains in advance to the great and honorable nation of England that four criminal acts have been committed in this agreement:

First, the agreement between your government and the terrorists was made without the consent of the Persian people, which is a crime.

Second, this contract is a ransom in exchange for the release of an individual to a terrorist group, so it is not considered as a legal contract and typically paying a ransom at the international level is a crime.
The question is, what guarantee is there that the British government will not extradite a political refugee to Iran in the future, in a similar process and in difficulty?

Third, the agreement is to encourage terrorists to commit kidnappings and extortion, which is another crime.

Finally, we’re informing the people of England that the amount of four hundred million pounds owed by your government at that time is equivalent to twenty-three billion and six hundred million dollars today, which will be fully paid in the future of the empire.

Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, the Leader of RESTART Opposition

Spokesperson of the RESTART Opposition, Mani Majd
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: RestartSpeaker

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