Leader of Iran’s RESTART Movement

RESTART is an influential political mystical program that broadcasts from Hosseini’s radio station, “Radio Pasto”, since 2016.

RESTART movement aimed to encourage Iranian people to take action for changing the regime in Iran. Each of the audio files of this program has been downloaded over one million times from his Telegram account.

Although, the cyber army of the government of Iran is trying so hard to hack Hosseini’s accounts and they did close down his Facebook and Instagram pages, they could never stop the huge number of downloads on his Telegram channel.

Shab-be-Kheir Iran (translated to Good Night Iran) is another program hosted by Mr. Hosseini.
This program offers strong political analysis of the current situation in Iran. Hosseini has written and directed this program since 2012.

Following the broadcast of the two above mentioned programs, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini became a powerful opposition figure in the Iranian politics. After only a year of broadcasting, 20 million young and intelligent Iranians had already started to listen to his radio programs. It spread quickly with the help of social media platforms like Telegram, Instagram and Facebook and it is now the largest populist movement in the Iranian modern history.

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Leader of Iran’s RESTART Movement

Young RESTARTEES also undertook political actions called “Challenges” by Mr. Hosseini.
Which has also been reported thoroughly by Greg Reese from

The RESTART Leader first posted a booklet with instructions on personal health, telling the people to quit smoking and begin working out. He taught them all to use aliases and to not be in groups of more than two. So that if they were arrested and tortured, they wouldn’t know anyone’s name.

And after having time to prepare themselves, they were issued a series of challenges.

In May of 2017, Seyed Mohammad issued the “Paint Ball” challenge. The people were instructed to mark government buildings as targets of the people by throwing paint balls at them and tagging them with spray-paint. This type of behavior is very dangerous in the Islamic Republic. And it fostered the courage that was growing within the hearts of the people.

Next was the “Noise Bomb” Challenge. RESTART was instructed to set off fireworks at 9 pm on June 6th, 2017, as a call for Freedom and a symbolic act to awaken the minds of the people.

The “Challenge of Wisdom” called upon Iranian celebrities to discuss the problems of the Regime. But not a single one of them replied, and so soon after, came the “Swearing Challenge” where RESTART was challenged to speak their feelings harshly to members of the regime and its puppet celebrities on social media. The objective was to break their egos and show them that the people were aware of their crimes.

In the “Rock Challenge”, the people wrote “RESTART” on rocks and threw them through the windows of government buildings to show the regime that “We are many” and “We are everywhere”.

In October of 2017, Seyed Mohammad issued the “Fire Challenge.” The challenge was to burn down the Basij and the banks, but he also gave explicit instructions to not harm any living thing. And so while some of the fire challenges produced real damage, many of them amounted to a brave symbolic stand against tyranny.

The RESTARTEES are desperate for a change to come to Iran. They demonstrate their commitment to RESTART by risking their lives, taking actions and then sharing pictures and videos on social media to prove it. They want the world to know about their movement and to appreciate its power and for the Iranian government to take note of the huge number of people who are demanding change.

The leader of RESTART movement, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, stands along with the Iranian people who came to the streets and questioned the Iranian government’s promises in the election campaigns on the issue of economic crisis. The Iranian government puts its people’s lives in Jeopardy to support their allies in the region like Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon by sending them weapons to destabilizes the region instead of helping its own people.

The only movement which has stood by the Iranian people when it comes to their blood being shed on the streets is RESTART who has called for retaliation.

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