is leader of the “RESTART Movement”

RESTART is an influential political mystical program that broadcasts from Hosseini’s radio station “Radio Pasto”, Since 2016.

The goal of RESTART is to encourage everyday Iranian people to take action to change the regime in Iran. Each of the audio files from the program has been downloaded over one million times from his Telegram account.

Although, the cyber army of the government of Iran is trying so hard to hack him and they did on his Facebook and his Instagram, but they could never change the amount of downloaded audio files from his telegram.

Good Night Iran” is another program hosted by Mr. Hosseini.

This program offers strong political analysis of the current situation in Iran. Hosseini has written and directed this program since 2016.

Due to the above programs, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini has become a powerful opposition figure in Iranian politics. After only a year of broadcasting, 20 million young and intelligent Iranian people have begun to listen to his radio programs. It has spread quickly with the help of social media platforms like Telegram, Instagram and Facebook. Some people claim, that it is now the largest people power movement in Iranian modern history.

The young people who listen to RESTART also undertake collective political actions which Mr. Hosseini calls “challenges”.

The challenges have included the paint challenge, the noise bomb challenge and the profile picture challenge. The paint challenge asked followers to throw paint at Iranian government buildings, including Iranian embassies in other countries, marking them as targets. This was done in the lead up to the Iranian presidential election day in May 2017. Many people took up this challenge and did so in the following countries: Iran, Australia, Germany, England and many other countries.

The leader of RESTART Encouraged all his followers for fire challenge to burn down mosques, government places and police stations from October 2017 fearlessly.

These young people are desperate for change to come to Iran. They demonstrate their commitment to the cause, by risking their lives, taking action and then sharing pictures and videos on social media, to prove it. They want the world to know about their movement and to appreciate it’s power and for the Iranian government to take note of the sheer amount of people who are demanding change.

The leader of RESTART “ Seyed Mohammad Hosseini” stand along with the people who came to the street and ask for government promises on election campaign due to the economic crisis. The government put people’s lives in
Jeopardy to help Other countries such as Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and sending them weapons to destabilizes the region instead of helping its own people.

The only movement which is stood by the people when it comes to their blood spread on the street is RESTART who announced for retaliation.