Aristocracy Documentary (Platonic Utopia)

Aristocracy Documentary (Platonic Utopia) The Persian Philosopher Kingdom

Aristocracy (Platonic Utopia)
The Persian Philosopher Kingdom

Historical secrets revealed for the first time:

  • What is the components of utopian government?
  • What is Aristocracy?
  • What type of government system is Aristocracy?
  • What does promised Utopia look like?
  • What is the intended government of RESTART?
  • The secret of death of Pythagoras, Socrates and Alexander
  • Who is dual al qarnayn (Zulqarnain)?
  • What is Philosopher-kingdom?
  • The real truth about Alexander, Cyrus, Socrates and Plato.
  • How was Greek philosophy formed?
  • What is the hidden secret of Plato and Socrates?
  • Why did Zoroastrians massacre hundreds of thousands of Persians?
  • Who invented physics, mathematics and geometry and how?

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