Did Mohammad Reza Shah die or was he killed?!

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - Farah Pahlavi - Iran

Was Farah involved in Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s death?

Why did Farah meet Saddam Hussein secretly?!

Mullah, Nasser Makarem Shirazi, was a close friend of Farah and got a reward from Mohammad Reza Shah for his book against Sufism!

Who imprisoned Hoveyda to be killed?!

According to the classified documents released recently, more than 70 percent of the Islamic Republic governors used to be paid by Farah Pahlavi’s office or would receive their allowance indirectly from Farah!

Farah was supposed to be Iran’s Queen after the death of Shah, like the queen of England!!!

Mohammad Reza Shah and Farah were in arguments in the last years of their married life; nobody would listen to Shah in the last two years and after the revolution, all Shah’s family stopped their relationship with Farah!

Why did the Islamic Republic regime was against Ashraf Pahlavi?

Farah Diba is the widow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Shah) - Iran

Who is Farah and how did she become the wife of Mohammad Reza Shah?!

CIA warned Shah a few times about Farah because of her relations with Russians…

The British spent billions of dollars to empower Reza Pahlavi. For instance, Manoto TV received $970m for all the publicities for Reza Pahlavi.

Would Farah have murdered Mohammad Reza Shah?
We shall see.

New documents will be released soon by Americans.

These mysteries might be revealed soon in Shab Bekheyr Iran, episode 89!

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