RESTART Leader’s message to the World on June 13, 2019


RESTART wants to create another 4th of July, a real independence day in our country!!

Make Iran Great Again

Today is June 13, 2019; one year after President Trump and Secretary Pompeo’s silence challenge!
During the last year, hundreds of announcements to call people out have been issued by the MEK, Reza Pahlavi, the opposition groups and the media, but not even once President Trump or Secretary Pompeo supported them!

Even when the body of “Reza Shah” was found!

The main reason for RESTART opposition’s silence challenge was that President Trump and Secretary Pompeo were on this challenge!

What was the reason for President Trump’s silence challenge?!
It’s pretty simple.
Trump’s clever team knows that the Islamic Republic intends to set up a fake coup and deceive people just like what they did back in 1979 so people would think they have taken control of the country by a revolution!

That’s why the media and the opposition groups outside the country, hand in hand with the terrorist regime of Iran, are issuing announcements to call people out one after another!

Therefore, in the past year, from 13 June 2018 up to now, whoever (the oppositions or the media) has issued an announcement encouraging people to come out to protest, is definitely the enemy of the Iranian people and an extreme anti-Trump, anti-America and anti-Israel and also the enemy of the RESTART opposition with millions of supporters!

The second point is that the Islamic Republic claimed that Interpol must return Seyed Mohammad Hosseini to them! And they did threaten Interpol that if they don’t, their integrity and authority should be questioned!

Since I am a refugee in America, no one can deport me!

However, the brainstorming rooms of some intelligence service organizations supporting Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, hand in hand with the Islamic Republic and the opposition groups outside the country, came up with a fake assassination attempt done by someone in New York and that person tweeted about it, Then the media talked about that saying Hosseini is responsible for the assassination attempt!

So that America would deport me back and the second country would return me to the Islamic Republic regime. Their ridiculous game failed!
The goal was me being handed over to the regime!

The third point is that we (RESTART Opposition with millions of supporters) is not involved in dissimulation like Khomeini, Reza Pahlavi and the MEK.
When Khomeini took the power, he said: “I dissimulated! I lied!”
The MEK is exactly like Khomeini!

They have thousands of accounts on social media. They have people in the media and they never reveal that they belong to them!

We ask them “why don’t you say that this person in the media or that Telegram channel belongs to you?” They respond: “if we admit that, then people won’t ever listen to us!!”

Isn’t that dissimulation, duplicity and misrepresentation?!

If Reza Pahlavi and The MEK are not that kind of people, then they should officially and personally announce that “we have problems with Israel”!
For example, Reza Pahlavi must admit that he hates Jewish people just like his father!

He must say that “my line in politics is aligned with the Islamic Republic’s!!!

He should say: “The Islamic Republic is a Democratic regime. Khomeini was a Democrat. I am a Democrat. Maryam Rajavi is also a Democrat!”

They must say these things!!

Reza Pahlavi doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t say: “I support a secular-democratic regime. I believe that Palestine is better than Israel! And just like my dad, I’m strongly against Israelis!! I hate Americans! I am against Trump!” he doesn’t say it!!

It means he is Trump’s number one enemy, but creates a group called Farashgard, which pretends to love Trump!

He has involved his wife, mom and daughter into politics! So that he could say, I’m for Trump!
All lies and dissimulation!

But we don’t do that! Last year we announced that in The Cyrus the great Empire, we want to arrest 2-3 thousand people and hand them over to the independent judge!
Now I’m saying, that number has gone up to 30-40 thousand people! And if my silence challenge continues, be sure that this number will reach to 300 thousand people!!

We, the RESTART opposition, do not dissimulate.

We officially announced that our friends in the future are America and Israel! We have officially announced our foreign policy, And today on June 13, 2019, we announce an important issue:

From today on, any country who supports, defends or promotes the opposition groups such as the MEK, Reza Pahlavi or the Iranian Intelligence Service Ministry or IRGC will have to pay the price for that, and they will have the least diplomatic relations with us in the future of the Cyrus Empire (RESTART Opposition) which will last 200-300 years!

We do whatever we say!
Because Sufism and Mysticism hate dissimulation which is absolutely childish and ridiculous!!

It is possible that my Telegram and Twitter accounts get shut down just like when Facebook and Instagram closed down tens of thousands of RESTARTEE accounts.
It’s not clear yet!!

We need to have media to reach out to those people who have heard about us but haven’t fully understood what we’ve said!

The reason I said “we must be officially recognized” was because if one day they wanted to play the assassination games and all, they wouldn’t be able to return me, so that the movement wouldn’t be stopped!

This issue is very simple and clear.

There are going to be military strikes on Iran from North, South, East and West, And at the same time, millions of RESTARTEES would rise up and the IRGC and the Basij (Militia) would be dealt with wherever they are in the country!

The RESTART Opposition wants to make another 1776 and 4th of July!
It means to have independence and become an independent country once and for all!

Pay attention to what President Trump’s team says.

The United States Department of State Persian-Language Spokesperson, that lady announced that the people hate the MEK and Reza Pahlavi! And they consider Reza Pahlavi as the British and Globalists’ puppet! And also consider the MEK another Islamic Radicalism!!!

The most important American media like Infowars and others have stated the same and also BBC monitoring had to reveal that info too!

After two weeks, the Department of State published that officially;
Brian Hook, in one of his interviews with VOA, has officially announced, “Iranians haven’t had a populist and decent government since 120-130 years ago”

It means that from the time of Qajar till the Islamic Republic, they were all spies!! They were all puppets!

A few weeks later, they asked Secretary Pompeo why America doesn’t support Reza Pahlavi?!

Mike Pompeo officially announced that “the people of Iran deserve to have a populist and proper government”
It means that Neither does Reza Pahlavi have merit nor is he a populist!
Anyone who supports the MEK is not from our government!

It’s pretty simple and clear.
They are both officially eliminated!

RESTART wants to Make Iran Great Again!!
It means that RESTART wants to build Iran once again! And kick the British and the Russians out of the country!

And we want to create another 4th of July, a real independence day in our country!!

Make Iran Great Again means “WELCOME TO PERSIA”

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