Dear Patriots
Do you know why the RESTART opposition is defending Trump?!
Do you know that President Trump himself does not even know why millions of RESTARTEES love America and defend him and his team?

RESTART opposition has never received any money from Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, any Intelligence agencies or any opposition.
But why this opposition defends President Trump?!
This huge secret has been revealed below!

Clinton wanted to split Iran after becoming the president of the US, but she wasn’t lucky enough for two reasons:

1. RESTART leader’s political and mystical programs were broadcasted and downloaded over 300 million times and raised the awareness of the Iranian people!
2. President Trump became president and the American Patriots got more powerful!

Iranian people consider Reza Pahlavi stupid, uneducated, an inept leader and the puppet of Britain, and the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), the agent of Russia and a cult just like the Islamic Republic regime!
All Kurds, Lurs, Baluchis, Turks, and Arabs of Iran hate the Pahlavi dynasty!
If a Kurd defends Pahlavi, he is either not a real Kurd or his account is fake.

But the important point is, Clinton was going to bring Reza Pahlavi and the MEK to power with the help of the terrorist IRGC and some behind the scene capitalists to disintegrate Iran!
This was their plan and started ten years ago!
In Iran, the IRGC began to produce TV series to indirectly promote Reza Shah and his son Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (The Enigma of the Shah, Barareh Nights and …). And the British Intelligence Service started two TV channels out of Iran, Manoto TV and BBC Persian, to promote the family of the former Shah of Iran. Hundreds of thousands of millions were spent on these two channels.

In these two channels, women had no Islamic dress code, they broadcasted programs about sex and produced dancing and singing contests. Costly documentaries were also made, in a very clever way, to make Pahlavi services look significant! 
They did it to deceive Iranians and make them ready for the reign of the son of the Shah!

At that time, the two networks of BBC and Manoto invited Seyed Mohammad Hosseini (RESTART Leader), the most popular TV personality in Iran, who had just left the country, to work with them, however, he rejected their offer when he found out about the intention behind it!

Imam Tawhidi, the student of mullah Shirazi who lives in the UK, is also a small piece of this puzzle. 
They have trained thousands of these agents to work as experts, analysts, artists, and politicians for VOA, BBC Persian, Radio Farda, Manoto, and hundreds of other newspapers and news websites.

On the other hand, the MEK was removed from the US terrorist list and was taken from Iraq to Albania; and they began to promote them among Republicans and Democrats of America!
Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, John Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and … have all got pictures with Reza Pahlavi and the MEK and have had meetings with them!

80% of Iranians hate the Pahlavis and the MEK! 

Kurds are waiting for revenge! 
If captured by Lurs, they will be killed!
Reza Pahlavi’s father, Mohammad Reza Shah killed so many people!

During Shah’s reign, all the border cities of Iran were in absolute poverty!
Shah killed the Kurds and turned Sistan and Baluchestan into a poor province.
Arabs of the south of Iran were living in complete misery, Turkmen, Lurs, and the rest of the country too.

Shah supported mullahs and sealed all the contracts with Britain and Russia!
Prostitution and drugs were rampant at the time!

This has been confirmed by Americans, specifically Brian Hook and Mike Pompeo and the American media that Shah was the puppet of the British!

Shah would say, he had dreams of the 12th Imam of Shia, just as Khamenei did!!

No one would believe that Trump becomes the president of the US. Everyone was waiting for Clinton to come into power to launch the disintegration of Iran!
On the one hand, the Clintons wanted to make Reza Pahlavi the monarch in a Constitutional Monarchy with the MEK running the government, and on the other hand, Britain and Russia were supposed to provoke the people of Kurdistan, Khuzestan, Baluchistan, and Lorestan to rise so they could split the country!

With this plan, Iran would disintegrate quickly and turn into a second Iraq because firstly, Reza Pahlavi and the MEK, who are notorious among Iranians, are puppets of the Intelligence Services and detest America and Israel, and secondly, Iranians weren’t politically knowledgeable enough since real Patriots didn’t have their own media to let people know the truth. As a result, terrorists would grow in Iran after its disintegration, and 10 more groups like the ISIS would form!
But Trump came into power and ruined their plans!

That’s why everyone (Globalists and Radicals) hate President Trump and Secretary Pompeo!
That’s why Every media in the world censor RESTART opposition and President Trump!
That’s why Sec. Pompeo and Pres. Trump’s team announced that they don’t support Reza Pahlavi and the MEK and Iranians deserve to have a populist government!

According to the documents, apart from the money that Reza Pahlavi and the MEK leaders have received, in the past five years, about $2B has been spent on the propaganda campaign of Reza Pahlavi, and $800M on the MEK!

Dear Mr. John Bolton, do you think these people are Patriots with all these media and millions of dollars of funding, plus the support they get from the British and Russian Intelligence Services?!

RESTARTEES believe that the US constitution has been written based on the laws in the Persian Empire and it is going to substitute the Islamic Republic constitution after the regime change by RESTART leader. RESTARTEES believe President Trump is the Abraham Lincoln of our time, who saved Iran from disintegration.

That’s why RESTART Movement with millions of members defends President Trump and the American Patriots.


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