The failed coup of November 2019

The failed coup of November 2019 in Iran

The coup of November 2019 in Iran which had been fabricated by the IRGC in co-operation with the MEK, Reza Pahlavi and Farashgard failed. 

More than two hundred people were killed, and thousands were injured and arrested. 

That’s because Reza Pahlavi and the MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq) and their supporters (for the sake their benefit!), Voice Of America (VOA), Radio Farda, and to some extent BBC (we don’t know why!) have broadcast all the videos sent from Iran, in many of which people’s faces are easily recognizable and all these videos are now the property of the regime and the lives of thousands of protesters are in grave danger!

The internet was shut down only because of the RESTART opposition, so the politically uneducated people would be deceived by fake oppositions and their mercenary media and finally be arrested by the terrorist IRGC.

In the past few years, the leader of RESTART opposition had warned Iranians about the fabrication of these kinds of coups in the final years of the regime’s life. And considering the critical situation of Iran nowadays, he once again pointed out the possibility of plotting a new coup and the massacre of the innocent people in a message:

Unfortunately, these demonstrations are being led by the Islamic Republic regime and at any point that Rouhani or the IRGC appease the protests will stop. 

These demonstrations will not lead to the regime change or the freedom of our people unless someone takes the lead and turns these guided demonstrations into real protests; that’s exactly what we, RESTARTEES, did in Dec 2017- Jan 2018 uprisings.

The truth about these Protests is,

the Islamic Republic regime has recently increased the price of gas in Iran to raise funds for the government as a result of Donald Trump’s tough sanctions this year, however, the IRGC staged protest demonstrations as they opposed the hike in the gas price.

That’s because the IRGC, in addition to buying and selling real estate inside and outside of Iran, smuggling narcotic drugs and money laundering used, to smuggle a few million liters of gas with the old price of 1000 tomans/liter abroad daily; they would then sell it at more expensive prices and spend the income on their terrorist activities.

Iran’s domestic media, on the other hand, are now encouraging people to protest, and the IRGC is sending its people to different cities to promote fake oppositions and kills people to dissuade Rouhani.

The reality is the sanctions have destroyed Iran’s terrorist regime and made them penniless.
And fake oppositions like Reza Pahlavi and the MEK are using people’s deaths to their benefit and riding on these waves, and like hundreds of their ineffective calls in the past, they want to take advantage of Trump’s sanctions again. And if Iran protests become widespread, the IRGC will start their ‘plan B’ which means launching their fabricated coup; the MEK will then come to power under the cover of Reza Pahlavi in Iran. This is precisely what Hillary Clinton was supposed to do; to bring the MEK to power to run the government while Reza Pahlavi was the monarch in a constitutional monarchy. 

The real opponents of the gas price rises are in the pictures below!

The real opponents of the gas price rises in Iran: Mohammad Ali Jafari (IRGC) - Mullah Safi Golpaygani - Mullah Alavi Gorgani - Mullah Makarem Shirazi - Mostafa Kavakebian - Ahmad Mazani

We divided the uprisings in the world, into two groups, 
The rise of the wise and the awakened (RESTARTEES’ uprising) 
And the rise for the sake of lust, poverty, hunger, and subsistence (like communist uprisings)
These new protests in November 2019 are of the second type.

The political protests always get suppressed, but it’s not easy to suppress the uprisings motivated by financial hardship and poverty. Sadly, the latter has helped Globalists and Radicals massively. 

The RESTART opposition is observing the protests closely and anytime we feel that there is a possibility to turn them into real protests, we will join with tens of thousands of special guards and millions of RESTARTEES. 

There are hundreds of videos showing that RESTARTEES are observing the protests in every city and village of Iran closely, while helping people, and are waiting for the command of RESTART leader.

But the point is, 
To prevent a flood, you will need to divert the water to individual purpose-built floodways. That is exactly what the MEK and Reza Pahlavi have been doing for the past 30 years with their useless calls and no further plans to support them. 
This time again, they called people out to protest and many innocent people are being killed and arrested. This way, people’s potential for generating a flood will be wasted and Donald Trump’s sanctions will become ineffective. 

There are always two parties of a government who fight each other and take advantage of the oppositions outside Iran. Reza Pahlavi and the MEK are now playing in the court of the Islamic Republic regime alongside the IRGC!
It’s interesting to know that these same people used to defend Rouhani and attack on Trump two years ago!

The reason for the unsuccessful protests in Iran in the past forty years is that the people of Iran believe that Reza Pahlavi and the MEK are part of this Islamic Republic regime! 
The people of Iran will never rise because they are not stupid!

With the Internet shut down, the only politician who had been cut off from the public is RESTART leader!
And the only ones taking advantage of this situation were Reza Pahlavi (Globalists) and the MEK (Radicals) because they were and are propagandizing and poisoning people’s minds through Television programs!

We need to come up with a solution.

According to the points mentioned by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini in his message, it can be seen that cutting off the internet access was severely to the detriment of the people of Iran, since they lost their connection with the leader of the RESTART opposition, and by now, everyone knows that he is the only one who could turn this fake coup of the IRGC to real protests. 
The terrorist IRGC, Reza Pahlavi, or the MEK, all have their own TV channels and talk to the people of Iran on Television, and it was only the RESTART opposition who was not able to get its voice heard or cover the news and analyze the events when there was no internet access; It is simply because they don’t have millions of dollars or hundreds of media like Pahlavi or the MEK! 

In addition, as President Trump officially announced on 3 October, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (to which Radio Farda belongs) are traitors [to the people of world], and BBC, Monoto TV and the rest of the media only care about their own interests; therefore, work to the detriment of the Iranian people! 
So, any news broadcasted to the people while there was no internet access was either fake or in favor of one of the two parties!

In such critical circumstance, Mike Pompeo supported the Iranian people as he did in the past and said,
As I said to the people of Iran almost a year and a half ago (during RESTARTEES’ uprisings): The United States is with you.
We will hold those who [started the coup and] suppressed people accountable.

According to media and American analysts, the leadership of the Dec 2017 – Jan 2018 uprisings was in the hands of the RESTART opposition leader and the RESTARTEES. 
About two years ago, after the Iranian government started talking about the rise in the gas prices, RESTART leader threatened the regime that he would set the gas stations on fire, and twenty-four hours after the first gas station set on fire by the RESTART opposition special guard, the regime canceled the increase in the gas prices. And many foreign newspapers wrote, Iran’s regime didn’t increase the gas prices in fear of the RESTARTEES! 

Why didn’t President Trump support the fabricated coup of November 2019?!

RESTART Leader’s remarks on the coup just before Thanksgiving 2019:

On Thanksgiving Day, Iranians should thank God that Hillary Clinton was defeated and Donald Trump became the President of the United States.

If President Trump and Secretary Pompeo had said anything in support of the coup, the IRGC would have killed thousands more to make the coup look wider and replace Iran terrorist regime with the MEK!
Reza Pahlavi would then have become the king, like the Queen of England!
And this leads to one convincing answer to the question, “Why do Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Rajavi so strongly hate Trump and Mike Pompeo?”

Now that their fabricated coup has failed, the regime must arrest the real protesters.
And of course, the internet was shut down so that the leader of the RESTART opposition could not turn the coup into a real protest like in Dec 2017-Jan 2018.

It is interesting to know that in January 2018, RESTARTEES were changing the regime, but Reza Pahlavi, Maryam Rajavi, Bani Sadr, and many others attacked the leader of RESTART opposition in thousands of media outlets, stating that he was after violence because he had set fire to banks and Basij bases! However, today, they suggest that setting Ambulances, banks, gas stations and Basij bases on fire shouldn’t be considered violence and people must defend themselves!! 

Certainly, President Trump and RESTARTEES are saddened by the fact that many innocent people have been killed, and as Secretary Pompeo said, we will take revenge on the killers and those responsible for the coup.

We are waiting to see what measures Reza Pahlavi and the MEK will take to save the innocent people captured by the regime! 
Three hundred deaths and thousands of arrests!
Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Rajavi boarded the wave initially created by the IRGC while having no plans to lead the protests, caused the arrest of thousands of protestors.

In this failed coup Reza Pahlavi had a prominent role. He led the Iranian youth to their deaths by the IRGC and by participating in the coup initiated by them, he tried to bring it to the end they wanted. He did the same thing for the IRGC that Rohullah Zam did for the Ministry of Intelligence! 
Will Reza and Rohullah have the same fate?! 

Gladly, because of the enlightening programs of the leader of the RESTART opposition and the intelligence of President Trump’s team 99.8% of the people of Iran were not deceived by the regime and did not take part in the protests! 
Should Hillary Clinton have been the President, the regime would have been changed by the Globalists by now!

According to the statistics obtained from the videos and provided by the media, about 80,000 people of the 83M population of Iran took part in the coup fabricated by the IRGC in November 2019!
Among these protesters, only 5,000 to 7,000 were supporters of Reza Pahlavi and the MEK and 70,000 others protested because of the inflation and to change the regime!
The IRGC killed around 200-500 protesters to deceive Donald Trump, Secretary Pompeo, and the world and say that it was the people who initiated the demonstrations. In the meantime, between 1000 to 2000 people were arrested!

However, in Dec 2017- Jan 2018 uprisings, millions of people participated, and the regime was about to change. And as you see in the video below, Iran’s representative in fear of the RESTARTEES, in the UN Security Council, demanded America, Israel, and the Interpol to hand over the leader of RESTART movement to them, and never mentioned Reza Pahlavi or the MEK. Not at all! 

Reza Pahlavi, the MEK, and terrorist IRGC should know that, 

These broken pieces you’re trying to grab hold of are the remnants of the boat floating on the blood.

RESTART opposition promises the people of our country, that all those who contributed to and supported this coup, which caused hundreds of deaths and the arrest of thousands of innocent people, will see the consequence of their actions in the future!

To make the long story short, President Trump’s sanctions have broken the regime’s back and soon this regime will change by the Patriots of the RESTART movement, and the world will witness the real awakening revolution.

We are looking forward to the rise of the Cyrus Empire.

Even if you don’t believe in God, that’s fine;
at least don’t allow Satan to rule your heart, be a free man!

The analysis of these protests by the American media, Infowars

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