Dear God,
may you bless our country by eliminating the tyrants, and let the Cyrus Empire rule our land.

Dear God,
hundreds of years has passed in our country with lies and deception; may you make the truth victorious.

Dear God,
forgive us to our Sufis and ancestors who did nothing but good deeds, rise Sufism in our land again to awaken the ignorant and clear our minds of the superstitions.

Dear God,
let us love all beings and turn our silence into a call to be able to send our message to every one around the world that…

All beings are part of a whole

Happy new year to us

20 March 2019
01 Farvardin 1398
Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

Nowruz (Norooz) 2019 - Restart leader, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US

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