Secrets revealed! 90 percent of SAVAK and KGB members joined the regime of Iran

SAVAK & KGB members joined the Islamic Republic of Iran

Secrets revealed!
RESTART Leader was right!

BBC: 90% of those working for Savak during the former Shah’s reign are working for Iran’s terrorist regime now!
The same case for KGB!
Source: BBC Persian

As we go forward, we will see more betrayals by Reza Pahlavi and his family!

Torturers then = Torturers now!

RESTART Leader had previously said that;
More than 90% of the high-ranking officials in Iran’s terrorist regime are under the command of 8 people in Iran! 
It is interesting to know that 7 of these 8 people were the head of the office and official advisors to the wife of the former shah of Iran, and later on, formed the terrorist IRGC. Mullah Makarem Shirazi, one of the filthiest of the 8, was a friend of Shah and received an award from the Shah himself! 

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Disclosure of dark secrets about Iran for Patriots around the world by RESTART Leader

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