Some laws in the new Cyrus Empire of Persia

Some laws in the new Cyrus Empire of Persia, RESTART Leader, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

  1. Tasavof and Erfan day is the independence Day of Iran.
    The Day for the people’s criticism of government officials and the media are obliged to broadcast their protest.

  2. The holidays would be according to the main celebrations of the religions, historic Days and traditional days of Iranians and the Day of Tasavof and Erfan.

  3. In Cyrus Empire it is important that people have a sense of happiness and mirth, therefore any public mourning and holiday based on that is strictly prohibited.

  4. It is illegal to sell tobacco products and alcoholic drinks to anyone under 18.

  5. It is forbidden for anyone under 18 to go mosques, churches, synagogues and other religious and political places.

  6. All religious and irreligious individuals have the right to propagandize their religion and idea only in their temples and sites without any violence.

  7. All students under 18 would have medical insurance for free, as well as annual physical and mental exams.

  8. Religious education to children under 18 is illegal and considered a crime.

  9. Any oral or written assessment is prohibited in primary schools.

  10. Teachers are considered as the third God.
    They would receive high income and benefits.

  11. Educational religious books would be entirely omitted from the courses offered by the Education Ministry.

  12. To prevent dictatorship and despotism, buying and selling weapon in all around the country and also carrying weapon in few cities is allowed.

  13. wearing hijab is completely optional.

  14. Relationships between girls and boys are completely personal.
    No one has the right to interfere.

  15. The government is responsible to provide breakfast to students under 18.

  16. The right of marriage is after the age of puberty.
    Polygamy is strictly prohibited.

  17. Family is the foundation of Tasavof Empire.
    Women are highly regarded and valued in family and society.
    Housewives must be paid 1/3 of the common income in society by the government.

  18. In Cyrus Empire, military service is not compulsory.
    There is only a mandatory period of 30 days for training after graduation from high school.

  19. Teaching the common language, history and the geography of the folks and tribes in each province is mandatory.

  20. The government is responsible to create employment for the citizens, otherwise those unemployed are entitled to receive medical insurance and wages from the government.

  21. Cyrus (Tasavof) Empire is based on freedom of speech.
    All groups, ideas, religions, homosexuals have the right to free protest.

  22. The status of political parties in the executive branch of Cyrus Empire:
    Democratic party
    Republican party
    Labor party
    National party
    Real Reformist party
    (There will be at least five parties)

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