Twitter Fear Us

Twitter Fear Us

Hey Jack Dorsey;
Twitter is a donkey that like everybody else we are using it too and we will get off this donkey whenever we decide to!

By removing our top hashtags and censoring Patriots, you are just fooling yourself!
We will trend hashtags again in a united act and RESTART everything!

We, Patriots, destroyed your palace with $1!

To save Iran from the regime change, ordered by the Democrats, you are closing our accounts!
Do not be a fool, know that…
We are the future government of Iran.
I will await your tears and pleas for help.

Soon our pages and those of the American Patriots will be closed.
It is time to switch from the social media to the American news outlets and attack from there!

Patriots say to each other:
Patriots all say on Twitter:

Cyrus is coming
As time goes on, the war gets more serious!

Do you want to restart?
Game Over!

Cyrus l
Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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  1. Q patriot

    twitter and MSM as a whole want to expurgate any scintilla or fleck of truth that might awaken artless commoners whom the Elite considers like sheep, they comprehend that there is a shift in human consciousness and the awakened souls can not be slaved or deluded anymore.
    they support their blood drinking cronies whilst denigrating unequivocal patriots who seek veracity in world news and what’s relevant to our reality.

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