The people of Iran under the authoritarian pressure


For many years, the people of Iran have been under the authoritarian pressure of the regime of Iran.

In violation of the human rights law, there have been brutal killings and executions, the plundering of Iranian people and their culture and collaboration with dangerous countries and terrorist groups.

These terrorist groups inside and outside the country, all beads of the same necklace, are also being used as patsies for Iran’s government.

Throughout the past forty years, Iran’s regime suppressed its own people and appointed criminals to have the high-ranking posts in the government; and to keep people silent they tried to disguise their authoritarian identity by changing the form of the government from a religious-looking president to a modern-looking one and vice-versa; but we all know that the regime and its government are all exactly the same and none has changed.

In this oppression, only one man stood up to be a voice for the Iranian people,
The Leader of the RESTART Movement

He stood up against the tyranny of the regime, and now the Iranian people call him their Savior. With his hard work and without any expectations, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini has been our voice, unarmed and without any violence and having access to the free press.
He was so successful in awakening the Iranian people that could form the most powerful opposition in Iran and was threatened by Iran’s regime.

However, with no fear and only by the love for God and for the people of his land, he began to expose to the world, the other side of the coin, the real identity of the regime of Iran, terrorism!

Because of his love for his country, Hosseini entered the dirty world of politics and swore that he would fight for the awakening of his people until the last breath.

And for millions of people in Iran, it has become clear; the documents presented by the leader of RESTART exposed the truth about this cruel regime and they know that they have to stand up against it and raise their voice, so the world can hear them.

However, the only weapon of the people inside Iran to reach others is spreading our voice on social media, advertising and texts with their limited access to the internet.

On the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been using its hired-hackers to report and block the pages of RESTARTEES who are active on social media. They call us terrorists in an attempt to suppress the RESTART movement.

has been heavily censored by the regime of Iran and
RESTARTEES and our leader have tried hard to break the silence.

With your support, people who are looking for the truth will understand why we need to revitalize Iran again, they will learn about the great history of Iran, and its mystics and Sufi poets, as well as its wise kings like Cyrus the Great.

Please spread our links, and help our cry for freedom become louder.

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