RESTARTEES only trust President Trump and Secretary Pompeo.

The website and social media accounts of the U.S. Department of State are in the hands of Globalists and Radicals (Reformists, Maryam Rajavi and Reza Pahlavi) and the admins of this accounts are being controlled by them, and whatever announced on these accounts is completely aligned with the agendas of the Islamic Republic of Iran regime, Democrats and the rest of their allies.

For instance, the official Persian Twitter account of the Department of State follows MEK, Reza Pahlavi, and Iran’s intelligence service key players!
The bio of it reads, “Reflecting the opinions of the American government”! However, it promotes Iran’s Intelligence service, which is considered a crime in the US with the possible punishment of imprisonment!

In addition to the website and social media accounts of the US Department of States, the networks of VOA, Radio Farda, BBC, Iran International, and Manoto TV all have means of spying and hand over Iranian people’s information to terrorist groups and Iran’s regime.

Only President Trump and Secretary Pompeo’s social media accounts can be trusted and any news or points will be announced through their accounts only.

All media and opposition groups are lying.
The unofficial and fake content of the Iranian media and opposition groups are nothing but hoaxes, which are presented for their benefit!
Not only that, these networks and social media accounts are all means of spying and hand over their users’ information to Iran’s regime!

Only President Trump, Mike Pompeo, and a few others are real supporters of the Iranian people.

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