Plan B, the start of blood phase and playing with death!

Plan 'B' To Be Executed by RESTART if Iranian Generals Are Not Executed Or Brought To Heel

After the protests that began since January 11, 2020, the terrorist regime of Iran has crossed the red line of RESTART Opposition and the country is on the threshold of a new phase (Plan B).

According to the statements that RESTART leader issued concerning this event, these protests are not because of food but for wisdom, thought and the pain of compatriots. Therefore, defending people is compulsory.
He said that if the terrorist regime of Iran kills anybody in these demonstrations that are confirmed by us and crosses our red line (attacking women and children under the age of 18 and firing gun at people), we will enter the country into a new phase.

Accordingly, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini released his message in a video and issued an ultimatum to the UN and EU and explained the conditions of entering this new phase.

We had warned that if someone gets killed, we will take the country into a new phase, which means Plan B.
The RESTART opposition red line is the massacre of the civilians. Even if it’s one person!
President Trump has also declared that his red line is the killing of your people.
These protests are for the pain you have caused their compatriots.
These protests are not for the sake of food, comfort or lust.
An aircraft has been shot down and people have gathered together because of the victims. They haven’t come to ask for an increase in their salaries!
This means, they protest because they have been awakened.
This is the RESTART opposition’s approach.

We have received videos from the protests of last night (12/01/2020) which show women and children have been attacked. They have sprayed tear gas and opened fire on women. This is another of those red lines for the largest populist opposition of Iran, RESTART. So it led us to the point that we will have to go ahead with our plan B.
You might ask what plan B is. I will unveil that in RESTART program, episode 152.

The RESTART opposition does not have any respect for the Human Rights, the UN, and the EU. Because they have chosen the regime of Iran instead of the people of Iran. The regime of Iran has money, has power, has weapons, is a terrorist regime, transfers narcotic drugs (to other countries and to Iran), sells the Iranian girls and kills;
And the UN stays silent and signs JCPOA. The same UN, will designate a person as a terrorist if he calls on people to kill an IRGC or Basij force!
If the regime kills, it’s ok, if we kill, we are terrorists!

72 hours after releasing this video, we will release RESTART program, episode 152, and it will be the official start of our plan B.
you might ask what you can do to prevent the RESTART opposition to execute its plan B.
It has three simple conditions which I’ll explain; If you agree with either of our three conditions, we won’t start our plan B:

1. The UN and the EU support President Trump’s sanctions and designate the IRGC and Basij as terrorist organizations. And announce that the IRGC and Basij generals are perpetrators of atrocities and crimes against humanity.
If they do so, we won’t execute plan B.

2. Before we release RESTART 152, they should physically eliminate the IRGC and Basij generals; in any way they want, we shouldn’t see their faces in the next 72 hours.
If these two get eliminated in any way you prefer, we won’t execute plan B.

3. Both the terrorist IRGC and Basij generals, together, should go on TV and officially apologize to the Iranian nation!
If they do so, the RESTART opposition won’t start its plan B.

Otherwise, after RESTART 152, we will not listen to anybody. We won’t trust the UN any longer. We won’t believe the Human Rights anymore.
RESTART opposition only understands one sentence:

Phase two is the phase of blood, Sardar!
(Sardar means commander in Persian it is directing the threat to all ranking officers in the IRGC or Basij)

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