sun eclipse (Corona virus or COVID-19)

In Iran, the thousands of people infected with Coronavirus and the death toll exceeds hundreds!

RESTART leader had earlier given an ultimatum to China!
He said: “I hope China will realize that ‘Plan B‘ has begun after the outbreak of this virus!
A virus cannot be tortured, imprisoned or killed by an atomic bomb!
This is a warning to any country which cooperates with Iran’s terrorist regime!
Therefore, it is easy to create a situation in which you have to boycott yourselves!”

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini has officially declared that Coronavirus is a new beginning and the world should await new, interesting and more important events.
He has stated that Coronavirus has been activated on December 25. (Plan B)

I find the face of moon darkened!
The Prophecies of Shah Nematollah Vali about Iran and the events that will soon occur…

The RESTART forces have risen up in the world.
‘Gog and Magog’
When the fifth winter has passed… the sixth winter has passed… I see the pleasant spring.

What is the antivirus of Coronavirus and how can people be saved?

The RESTART Movement has been trying for years to inform people about the consequences of their deeds to such an extent that Coronavirus can be clearly seen in the logo of Radio Pasto and the opening sequence of RESTART Program from episode 150.
RESTART is like an antivirus which is Iranian’s only way of salvation.

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini has announced that if 51% of people seek RESTART’s help from the bottom of their hearts, RESTART will absolutely save the Iranians inside Iran.
Moreover, he gave an ultimatum to foreign countries via some messages before any occurrence or outbreak of a virus and warned that they would face adverse consequences if they cooperated with the Islamic Republic, did not officially recognize the RESTART Opposition and did not give Iran to RESTARTEES.

RESTART leader regards these events a beautiful game called King’s Gambit which has begun after the sixth winter passed, a game in which the rival thinks he/she is the winner until the moment of loss!!

When it’s time to wake up,
even if you pretend to be asleep,
the universe will wake you up by force.

RESTART is the only way to salvation

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