Disclosure of dark secrets about Iran for Patriots around the world by RESTART Leader

Disclosure of dark secrets about Iran for patriots around the world by Restart leader

More than 90% of the high-ranking officials in Iran’s terrorist regime are under the command of 8 people in Iran! 
It’s interesting to know that 7 of these 8 people were the head of the office and official advisors to the wife of the former shah of Iran, and later on, formed the terrorist IRGC. Mullah Makarem Shirazi, one of the filthiest of the 8, was a friend of Shah and received an award from the Shah himself! 

The Shah’s regime established the Islamic Republic regime and the IR regime will try to bring back the Pahlavis, the British puppets, in case it falls!
According to sufficient authentic documents, Iran’s regime, Britain, and Russia have spent nearly $10B on the Pahlavis’ propaganda campaign!

The Islamic Republic regime is the same as the former Shah’s government but in disguise!
Both the Shah’s and Iran’s regime are; 
1. enemies of Israel.
2. anti-America, and have secretly sealed oil and mining contracts with Britain and Russia!
3. and consider themselves to be the embodiment of God; they view Imam Reza (the 8th Imam of Shia) as a source of income and have both midwifed mullahs while in power!

Globalists and Radicals have been in control of our country for hundreds of years and with revolutions or coups, they have put their agents into power in Iran! 
Our opposition wants another July 4 in Iran!

It’s Interesting to know that, in some cases, the CIA, in collaboration with KGB and MI6, has forged documents to deceive Iranians!

If we had our own media or inter/national press coverage, Iran’s regime would have been collapsed 2 years ago!

I gave this information so Patriots could learn more about Iran!

For instance, in order not to disgrace the Pahlavis, The CIA has told dozens of lies to the Iranian people, including the Mossadegh coup. For the past forty years, they have made Americans known in Iran as evil people who are traitors to their country.
Interestingly, a few days ago, Mike Pompeo and Brian Hook officially announced that the US had no part in the Mossadegh coup, and it was the British, the shah of Iran and the mullahs who had carried out the coup!

Example Two:
Voice of America is being funded by the money coming from the American taxpayer.
It reports on anti-Trump artists every day and implies that they are the ones that American people look up to. This media presents Americans as stupid and traitorous people to the people of Iran and continuously covers the news of the Obamas, Clinton, the British and terrorists. It extends the idea that the Pope is God’s manifestation on earth and calls American Christians “fake”!

More than 80% of the Iranian media and overseas oppositions hate the US and keep advocating that Americans have betrayed Iranians, while strongly defend the British, Russians and Palestinians.

Now you tell me,
isn’t it hard to change the Iranians’ mindset?!

For the past 50 years, the media and politicians inside and outside Iran have been telling Iranians that America and Israel are the most corrupt and traitorous countries in the world. We are the only opposition that, with no funding or media coverage, just for the freedom of our country, are telling the truth and defend America and Israel!
You also need to know that there are a few Jewish investors, a few Democrats, and several influential Republicans cooperating with these media to not let the Jews find out the truth!

Have you ever thought why Bolton loves the Russian MEK!
why John McCain defended the son of the former shah of Iran until his last breath!
why Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Clintons strongly support Iran’s regime and have so many pictures taken with Reza Pahlavi and the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK)!

What do you think Democrats do if Trump fails in 2020? They will hand me over to the terrorist regime of Iran or take me to the court in America on false charges.
Iran’s regime demanded Interpol to hand me over because they were sure about John Kerry’s promises.

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