Censorship of RESTART Movement Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

RESTART opposition supporters are currently introducing laws from the constitution of Cyrus the Great Empire to the public in Iran by distributing leaflets and flyers and informing Iranians living abroad by publishing these principles on social media and in face-to-face interactions.

The Iranian opposition groups and their media, on the other hand, continue to boycott RESTART movement and persist in organizing demonstrations and protests in Iran in order to seize them and call them their own.

Unfortunately, the only rights that these opposition parties are offering to the public are the right to vote and take part in elections, which are nothing but fraud.

The main reason that RESTART movement is by far ahead of the other Iranian oppositions is its realistic objectives, a coherent plan to fight the tyrannical ruling regime and the transparency of the form of the future government of Iran and its constitution.

What are the goals of the Cyrus the Great Constitution?

In general, the main goal of the Cyrus the Great Constitution is to empower people material- and spiritual-wise along with raising their awareness and consciousness.

This will be a mental and practical restart to build the relationship between the people and the government, all members of the society and the government officials based on knowledge and competence.

For instance, the judicial system, the government and the parliament must be formed of the most qualified and wise people to fulfill the rights of the citizens according to the constitution. Therefore, the appointment as a government official bears legal responsibilities and restrictions unlike the current situation of Iran and the models proposed by the other oppositions in which the governors will only gain more and more power and diplomatic immunity.

In such a society, each citizen must have the power and legal immunity above the government officials to fulfill his/her own rights and impeach or even dismiss that official without the fear of adverse consequences. People will overcome this fear by having legal protection, the challenge to confront the authorities by swear words on set dates and the right to bear arms in certain cities of the country. The legal arrangements of this people empowerment can be embedded in bodies such as the Constitutional Court that operates only according to the constitution.

The most important thing is to change the national mindset and make people believe that they have the highest power, immunity and value in the society; and anyone who has been elected to occupy governmental positions has entered the world of lies, obsession with power and materialistic ambitions. Therefore, this person must be restricted and held accountable for his actions in order to prove his sense of responsibility and good deed in practice and not just promising on media;
this will not happen except by the tactfulness and competence in fulfilling the responsibilities taken, in addition to the legal restrictions and legislative observatory.

When talking about responsibility, we have to, automatically, take into consideration the assurance of the accomplishment of that responsibility and the punishment of non-accomplishment of that by members of the government. That is why the leader of RESTART opposition, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, has repeatedly said that in the future of our government, which is based on wisdom and knowledge, many governmental posts will not be easy to occupy.

The fear of punishment for the negligence in fulfilling the responsibilities and the consequences of this failure will only encourage those who are more knowledgeable and more competent to enter this whirlpool of duties and if they successfully pass, they will gain people’s respect and trust to take even greater responsibilities. In such a government, bribery, media propaganda, deception of people and buying and selling votes will be ineffective and that is exactly why Mr. Hosseini, the leader of RESTART opposition, has emphasized:
“it is important to understand the vote and not simply to give the vote”.

The other rules have also been made for the same purpose. For instance, when we talk about laws in support of women, we consider women with dignity who have the greatest responsibility in the society, giving birth and raising children for the future of our country. Our women must not, in any way, suffer from any financial, educational or health problems to be under stress or lose their dignity; any kind of delinquency in their support would deprive their children of the level of knowledge or wisdom they could reach in the future so their unawareness and ignorance will become cancerous tumors for the future of the united body of this society.

And in such a way, we practice the quote of Saadi:
“Human beings are members of a whole, in creation of one essence and soul”.

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