The elimination of Mojahedin-e-Khalgh (MEK) and Reza Pahlavi from President Trump’s desk!

The US secretary declared officially!
Iranian people will owe (their freedom) to RESTARTEES for the next hundreds of years!
Reza Pahlavi and MEK who were supposed to rule Iran after the Islamic Republic regime, through the support of the British and Russians, have been eliminated from President Trump’s desk as an alternative for the future of Iran, despite billions of dollars spent on publicity including media coverage.

RESTARTEES did two great jobs:
1. With December 2017 uprisings and spreading the protests to 140 cities in Iran, they inspired the US government to think about Iran regime change and introduce the sanctions.
2. They prevented a plotted coup d’état resulting in MEK or Pahlavi getting into power by eliminating the two of them from President Trump’s desk.

Mike Pompeo officially declared,

America would not support MEK or Pahlavi as two oppositions and would support a populist movement (which is RESTART opposition).

RESTART is the opposition based on wisdom, awareness and science, and against superstitions.

Mike Pompeo, the US secretary’s response to questions asked by Iranians about the US policies in supporting the opposition groups in Iran.

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