Only your vote for Trump will save America!

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You Americans may not know me, but millions of Iranians know that I left millions of dollars and left my country at the height of my fame to speak the truth.
They know that I will not defend any politician for many decades to come!

Believe me,
only your vote for Trump will save America!

To know whether it is day or night, the Sun is reason enough for you!

Any time you were fooled by Obama and Biden, close your eyes and think,
why did they pay $150B of your American money to Iran’s terrorist regime?!

Then, the total stock price of Apple was $46B in the world!
Do you understand?!
Three time more than the value of Apple!

In your opinion, with this money, how many…
jobs will be created?
businesses will survive?
Americans will get rich?
bridges can we build?
houses can be built?
months can we not pay taxes?

Just shut up and think!

For me, more important than Trump winning this election is that he wins by a wide margin;
because the political understanding of the American people is precisely related to this election result.

When you are voting… remember this:
In “55“ hours…!!
It is either
Goodbye Biden
Goodbye America!

#Trump2020 #MAGA #MIGA

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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