Globalists and Radicals
have taken the Earth hostage for hundreds of years!

Patriots are being killed for many years.

Radicals and Globalists have divided the tasks between themselves.
Globalists are in charge of keeping people “stupid”.
And Radicals are in charge of killing those don’t want to be “stupid”.

They should know that we will take back our planet Earth from them;
Either with a smile or with war!

Our opposition, our beliefs, our goals, and our constitution date back to thousands of years ago and millions of people have given their lives for it!

We made hundreds of hours of programs to revive our wisdom and could attract millions of people.

Cyrus the Great and Rumi are two of us!

Look forward to

Undoubtedly, the world should expect new things to happen.

PATRIOTS UPRISING - DONALD TRUMP - Mike Pompeo - Benjamin Netanyahu - Jair Bolsonaro - RESTART LEADER, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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  1. We need an uprising that provides the technology amd social media that connects like minded people that support KAGA, Trump 2020 and others who are seeking to drain the swamp!

  2. درودبر لیدر ری استارت

    #تروریسم #سپاه

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