Another scandalous defeat of the MEK and Reza Pahlavi in January 2019

Islamic Republic of Iran - Mojahedin (MEK) - REZA PAHLAVI - VAJA - IRGC

The call for a protest by the MEK and 21 other media and opposition groups failed again drastically!!

Today, 07/01/2019, was the largest recall by the oppositions and the MEK who had spent millions of dollars to take people to the streets but nobody came, nobody!!

0n 28/12/2018 too, Reza Pahlavi, Farashgard and 19 other media and opposition groups could encourage only 4 people to come to the streets, 3 of whom were RESTART Opposition reporters!!

There have been 100s of calls for a protest by Reza Pahlavi or the MEK and their media which were all useless!

Their goal is to dispirit people for when it comes to RESTARTEES’ insurrection!

According to Americans, intelligence organizations in the world, tens of thousands of videos on social media, and also according to the confessions of the Iran regime, hundreds of thousands of people only took part in the uprisings which had been called by the leader of the RESTART opposition.
Bravery and sagacity of RESTART opposition members that started in September 2017 could take millions of people to the streets in December 2017 in 140 cities of Iran.
People have all acknowledged that the December 2017 uprisings were all done by RESTARTEES and without them, no regime change will ever happen!

This is a good reason why the Iran regime said it would be a great test for the Interpol to hand in Seyed Mohammad Hosseini to them!

‘RESTART’ Is The Only Way To Salvation

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