President Trump vetoed the congressional resolution that would curb his military authority against the terrorist regime of Iran

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Donald John Trump is the 45th and current president of the United States

“Democrats and Iran regime are now grieving”

On Thursday morning, US President, Donald Trump, vetoed the resolution of the US Congress that calls for restricting his right to take military action against the Iranian regime.

He said: “The Democrats’ goal in this resolution was to create a rift between the Republicans.”

In the statement vetoing the resolution, President Donald Trump sharply criticized a small number of Republicans who joined the Democrats in passing the resolution.

He wrote: “It was a very insulting resolution that was presented by the Democrats as part of their strategy to win the election on November 3 and to divide the Republican Party.”

The terrorist regime of Iran should know that whenever President Trump decides, he will easily launch a military strike against that country.

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