Does the second Cyrus, just like Cyrus the Great, intends to liberate the Jews from the Religious Radicalism after liberating Iranians from slavery, bringing back grace to Iran and integrating the country?

RESTART leader unsettled the situation for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Mojahedin-e-Khalgh (MEK) terrorist organization by a tweet in which he reminded people of the genocide of the Jews by Hitler and the fact that Pahlavi family celebrated this inhumane catastrophe and even commanded to change the words ‘Persia’, ‘Pars’, ‘Pers’ and ‘Fars’ to ‘Iran’ in all official correspondence.

Earlier, Hosseini had revealed the cooperation of the Islamic Republic Regime with the MEK whose famous hashtag was “I will overthrow” in social media by providing documents and evidence. The truth is, the Islamic Republic regime and the MEK support each other and help the other party to exist; however, there has always been instability and conflict amongst them that we can reckon is because of the lack of solidarity in their ideologies and their fight for money and power.

RESTART leader stated that after eliminating Reza Pahlavi as an alternative for the future of Iran from President Trump’s desk, RESTART has eliminated the MEK too, however they have grabbed President Trump’s desk legs with both hands.

According to the fact that only President Trump, Mike Pompeo and a few others are the real supporters of the Iranian people, we can look at RESTART leader’s tweet from another angle.

John Bolton, as one of the most influential people in the United States’ foreign policy, has always been known a politician who is close to the MEK. Now, considering John Bolton’s full support of Israel, RESTART leader touching the Achilles heel of MEK – their hatred towards Israel – must have been so painful for them.

Now the question is, whether Bolton and like-minded people have heard RESTART and have learned about the real nature of MEK or not?!

The enmity of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran, MEK and Reza Pahlavi towards Israel and the United States is something that could be discussed.

After the elimination of Reza Pahlavi as an alternative from President Trump’s desk, which was because of his relationship with the revolutionary guards of Iran (Sepah), not being welcomed by the Iranian nation, not having a proposal for the future of Iran, and of course not having a political resume, the MEK was a more stubborn competitor that needed to be eliminated, for their massive media coverage and active lobbyists in Iran and in the US government could seize any uprisings called by RESTART opposition.

The Intelligence organization of Iran and the MEK both have an undeniable history in enmity towards America, however, they so far could hide it by the fake news on media. Nevertheless, touching their Achilles heel, their hatred towards Israel, is not a pain they could ever hide.
Although, the nature of their dependence on the Eastern bloc can be denied by collapse of the bloc, the Islamic nature of this organization, on the other hand, can be defined through their enmity towards Israel.

Eradication of Radical Islam, supported by the Islamic Republic regime of Iran and in which the MEK has root, not only will save Iran, but will also be beneficial for Israel, Palestine and Arabic countries. Elimination of violence, threats and terrorism will pave the way for constructive dialogues, development of wisdom, and humanity to flourish.

The origins of Extremism and Radical Islam that also takes advantage of religious superstitions, roots on one side in Soviet Unions (with an anti-Imperialism nature) and on the other side in Globalism (with an exploitative nature), and acknowledges the fact that so many people have been deceived for many centuries in the Islamic countries.


Has a second Cyrus been born to awaken people?
Is he going to present the new statement of human rights that guarantees people’s rights and brings about freedom and liberty?!


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  1. Great article I enjoyed it. You have support in the USA. I would be proud to rise up and stand beside Cyrus.

    One love to the great Persian people.

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