Whatever we said about Turkey happened!

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan President of Islamic Republic of Turkey

Some Americans ask Seyed Mohammad Hosseini about Turkey and Erdogan. A few years ago, he foretold what would happen in the world from then until five years from today. You can simply translate a few of his programs to find out yourselves!

Why does RESTART opposition not have media?
Because if RESTART had its own media, Turkish people wouldn’t have been deceived by Erdogan! He is Bashar Al Assad’s close friend, …
A few months before the fake Turkish coup in 2016, Erdogan’s agent called Seyed Mohammad Hosseini to set up a big TV network.
He replied, “I know everything, you’re afraid I reveal the truth. Tell Erdogan, the one who is going to take down your Ottoman Empire is me. Wait for the dawn of the Cyrus Empire!”

Erdogan is another Mohammad Reza Shah!
They both purchased ammunition and military equipment and brainwashed the youth of their countries for martyrdom for all the wrong reasons!
Just like Mohammad Reza Shah, Erdogan is also an extremist and fanatical Muslim who is arrogant and ignorant!
Interestingly, these two are anti-American and anti-Israeli!
When you listen to the speeches of Erdogan and the Shah, you will find out how an uneducated and extremely superstitious person thinks!

but the secret is …
For every Kurd, Turk, Iraqi man, woman or child that is being killed, there is only one reason, RESTART opposition did not have media!
Seven years ago, RESTART leader said what would happen today.

A good politician is someone who observes the world and reveals his observations to his people and says what is happening in the world, which is precisely what RESTART Leader did. He was never like other politicians who say, I meant to say that!

Globalists and all the media and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube blacklisted the RESTART movement to do what they wished to; from the fabricated coup in Turkey to the split of two Middle Eastern countries happening soon, Erdogan declaring himself the Caliph of all the Muslim world, what Khamenei also did, and the divide between the Sunnis and soon the massacre of the Sunnis!!

Contracts are being sealed rapidly!
Countries are sitting together, making the decisions and closing the deals!
Turkey is converting to the Islamic Republic of Turkey and the Cyrus Empire will soon rise!
RESTART leader had stated in the past few years what would happen today, and they are happening!
Friends and foes will soon become known!
Time flies!

Trump’s strategic decision to withdraw troops from Syria means the start of a new chapter in the Middle East and the initiation of a war between the Globalists and the Radicals!

RESTART opposition hates war, just like President Trump, but if there is a war between Iran and America, millions of RESTARTEES will defend America.

Politicians, oppositions, and media are too short-sighted to understand the reason behind President Trump’s decision to leave Syria!
Everyone is waiting to hear RESTART Leader’s analysis on that!
Even after fifty days, no analyst will understand the reason behind the withdrawal of Americans from Syria, the issue of Kurds, and Turkey’s attack on them.
RESTART Leader officially announced in RESTART program – episode 149 – that he will no longer offer his political analysis on events to the media and other oppositions!

The lack of political analysis in the media is extremely evident!
If an analyst, opposition, or a commentator knows the reason behind American troops’ departure from Syria, please let others know as well!

Three years ago, RESTART leader provided valuable information in his radio program – Shaskul Plus – titled as The Future of the World with Trump and The Islamic Republic of Turkey. These 2 episodes exposed the Secret of Turkey’s alliance with Russia, Erdogan’s fabricated coup and Turkey’s conversion to the Islamic Republic of Turkey.

In addition to the above-mentioned episodes, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini talked more about all his foretelling that came true and those that will happen soon in Good Night Iran – episode 70/0.

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