What is the RESTART Movement?

RESTART is a philosophical movement based on wisdom and logic

Have you ever thought of the reason for all of these political or religion/faith-related conflicts!

Why do you think, believers of each faith solely believe in their own faith and accuse others of not having enough knowledge or understanding of the universe?

Are they indeed right or they might have misinterpretations along with the credence they give to their beliefs?

RESTART is a philosophical movement based on wisdom and logic inspired by words of the most influential scholars in the history of humankind such as Plato, Socrates, Molavi (Rumi), Sa’di, Cyrus The Great, Nietzsche and many more; and is trying to revolutionize people’s attitude towards making the world a better place to live in.

RESTART Movement has millions of members, and is aiming to raise awareness and realization in human societies by the internal revolution (eradicating prejudices, malice and radical thinking), and then by external revolution (extirpating tyranny, oppression and injustice with scientific methods and least possible damage).

RESTART opposition wants to overthrow the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, establish a government based on knowledge and merits, and replace misery and poverty with happiness and prosperity so the world and the Middle East can live in peace again.

RESTART, indeed, is the extract of the bests of any faith and belief; it intends to solve this multi-color and deceitful puzzle and only those who are after raising their understanding will accept RESTART.

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