RESTART Leader’s message to the People of America

Message of Leader of RESTART Seyed Mohammad Hosseini to the People of the United States of America (USA)

The biggest weakness of you American Christians is that you are too kind!

If you do not fight for your constitution, your country and your flag with Radical Islam, Communism and Socialism, your country will disintegrate and you will no longer have a place to be proud on this planet!

2500 years ago, we built the Cyrus Empire, 2100 years ago, 1700 years ago and 700 years ago we rebuilt it again.

And we are still fighting!

You Americans should not be content with 200 years.
Every thirty years you have to RESTART and drain the swamp of politics!

If I write something honestly here, that is because I love America, because it is like the Cyrus Empire we are going to build in Iran.

I have difficulty paying my rent every month; our opposition has never taken and will not take any money from anybody.

The intelligence organizations are all astonished that how a movement with no funds at all could have millions of supporters.

The answer is clear!

RESTART is the movement of LOVE!
LOVE will surely defeat the devil!

Patriots will definitely win!


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