Pasto News interview with Seyed Mohammad Hosseini and replying to the questions from the public

Pasto News interview with RESTART LEADER, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini and replying to the questions from the public

During recent years, Iran was involved in different events and crises.
The RESTART leader has tried to make his fans and people aware of his insights as much as he could among these years.
There have been too many questions for people due to this situation.

Regarding this, Pasto News Media announced that all could send their questions to the following phone number related to Iran’s situation, and RESTART’S leader will answer them.
+1 (202)746-1210
All questions will be published publicly.

As Pasto News announced, they have received thousands of questions, which would be answered by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini in different sections and would be prepared.

Following are some questions that have been received so far:

  • When is the exact time of the sixth nice spring (at the second phase)?
  • When will the regime change?
  • What is the role of powers in Iran’s disintegration?
  • What was the million dollars bribery?
  • What was the real story about the suicide of Reza Pahlavi’s brother?
  • What did happen in secret meeting with Reza Pahlavi?
  • Why did Reza Pahlavi become a British puppet?
  • Why are you supporting Prince Mohammed bin Salman?
  • What was the scenario behind Jamal Khashoggi’s murder?
  • What was the reason for the Al-Arabiya Network attack against President Trump?
  • What did exactly happen on Trump’s Political table?!
  • Are some Darvish and Erfan-e Halghe (Ring Mysticism) members collaborating with the MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq)?
  • What was the scenario behind Ruhollah Zam’s arrest?
  • Does Israel support the RESTART Movement? Are you in contact with Mossad?
  • Will the MEK members be arrested soon?!
  • Are there any other members of the Unity of Existence member besides Yarsan Daravish, and Erfan Halghe members?
  • Why did you not accept the BBC offer to become a TV host there?
  • Please share your clear opinion about Masih Alinejad, Ali Javanmardi, Amin Fardin, Amir-Abbas Fakhravar, Mojtaba Vahedi, Mehdi Karroubi, and Mir Hossein Mousavi.
  • What has been the role of Farah Pahlavi in Russian Policy?!
  • Please share your idea about the silence challenge and rise of the Persian Empire.
  • Is Masoud Behnoud’s comment correct regarding the fact that you have been chosen by President Trump?
  • Why did you refuse the Manoto TV offer for an interview?
  • Why are you going to change the name of Iran to Persia?
  • Please share your clear opinion about Baha’i and Ashuri faith (in general your opinion about all religious minorities in Iran).
  • Why did the regime not change in 2018?!
  • What is the secret of the 40-years of Iran’s Regime age?

The first episode of Seyed Mohammad Hosseini’s interview with Pasto News has been published in December 2019.
This video was published while not much time has passed since the IRGC coup in November 2019.
This interview was supposed to be done before the recent event in Iran (November 2019), but it was postponed due to internet disconnection in Iran.
It is obvious that his interview has been boycotted by all media, inside and outside Iran!

Following questions have been answered at the first episode of this challenging and disclosive interview:

1. Why did you not support Reza Pahlavi and MEK recall regarding the protesters in Iran in November 2019?

2. In addition to the Iranian Regime, some politicians like Masoud Behnoud claim that President Trump has chosen the RESTART opposition as the alternative.
Have you ever had any meetings with President Trump?
Why do you strongly support President Donald Trump?

3. You have previously claimed that Iran’s regime will change in January 2018 (at the first phase) and also claimed that Iranian people will go into the second phase (bloody phase), if such a change does not happen.
Why did the regime not change in January 2018?!

This post will be updated and the next episodes of the interview will be added into the post…

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