RESTART Leader’s message to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov

Dear Pavel Durov;

1. Restricting or closing RESTART Opposition’s channels is the greatest blow to the world’s Patriots and the greatest favor to dictatorial regimes.
By closing and restricting Iran’s largest and strongest opposition, historical documents will be lost and erased!
And all the words of the RESTART Leader that should reach the intellectuals and the children of the land of Persia in the future will be distorted.

For example, four years ago, RESTART Leader talked about the conflict between China and America, Turkey turning into the Islamic Turkey, the history of coups and hundreds of important events that took place in the world, and everything he said came true.
When you restrict or delete a channel, these documents will also be deleted and forgotten.

2. It has been three years now that the number of viewers and listeners of RESTART and Good Night Iran programs have either been zero or has not changed!!
For example, the first episode of RESTART program that was downloaded 2,300,000 times three years ago, still shows the same number of downloads today.
Do not forget…
You said it yourself that we are the best channel on Telegram.

3. Now it is not the time for blackmailing or hostage-taking; We just need to wait till dawn!
I explained it in a nutshell!!!

4. My goal and millions of RESTARTEES’ goal is to change the terrorist regime of Iran.
For the past 15 years, we have never given anybody personal favors and insisted on our word and we will always act the same way.

5. Our enemy and the enemy of the people of Iran is not only the terrorist Islamic Republic regime of Iran but also Reza Pahlavi (the agent of Globalists) and the MEK (the agent of Radicals)!!
These two [controlled and fake oppositions] severely report us too with billions of dollars of stolen money and the support of the world’s intelligence organizations.

6. Our goal is to create an Islamic Renaissance.

7. I said what you needed to know… up to you now!

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