Censorship of the Truth

Censorship of the Truth

Seven years ago, RESTART opposition leader stated that Facebook is not trustworthy and about two years ago, Facebook closed down his 370k-member fan page as instructed by the Islamic Republic regime of Iran!

Two years ago, Instagram, the social networking service owned by Facebook, allowed the 120k-follower account of RESTART leader to be hacked!

Since then, tens of thousands of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages of RESTART opposition members were blocked or closed down, however, none of these so-called social media has given any explanation about this censorship and boycott!

While in Yemen terrorist Houthis are murdering people, they still have Facebook accounts but Secular-Democrats, Globalists and Radicals closed the RESTART leader’s account.
Terrorists have Instagram accounts but Instagram suspended tens of thousands of RESTARTEE accounts.
Radicals and Globalists are scared of Patriots, not terrorists because we are awakening people.

It’s been seven years that RESTART leader has been censored by the entire media, and it’s not far from reality to say that in contemporary history, no opposition in any country has been censored like RESTART Opposition.

Now, President Trump’s supporters are under pressure by the same media and are shouting what RESTART leader has been saying in the past few years.

It’s called global tyranny!


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