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RESTART MOVEMENT, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini


Make Yourself Great Again
Make Iran Great Again

At the present time, the main purpose of RESTART Opposition is to change the regime of Iran considering the fact that this opposition has a written constitution for the future of Iran.

Before anything else, we need to have the constitution ready, because it will be too late after the regime change.

«The most important thing in changing a regime is to raise awareness and political insight amongst the people. We should not wait to awaken people after the fall of the regime.
The laws in Cyrus Empire will be according to Plato, Cyrus, Sa’di, Hafez and other Sufis’ views».

▪️ Considering the ethnic and religious diversity, Iran’s constitutional changes will be based on the Constitution of Cyrus the Great and the US constitution.

▪️ The most important task is to raise awareness, political insight and reminding people of their real rights.

A few laws in Cyrus Empire

? To prevent dictatorship in the future, carrying weapon will be legal in a few cities in Iran.

The right to bear arms is to prevent generation of dictatorship in Cyrus Empire.

? There will be freedom of speech for everyone from different ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations with different ideologies and schools of thought.

No group will need a license to protest on the streets.

Tasavof and Erfan’s day is the day that people can criticize the governments’ officials.

In the future government, all media, showmen and artists are obliged to mock all politicians to challenge them.

In the Cyrus Empire, we have a “swearing challenge” which will prevent generation of dictatorial attitudes amongst politicians in the country!

In the future we will allow people to shout at politicians and swear at them and they should Not be upset.

? The holidays will be based upon main religious and non-religious celebrations.

In the Cyrus Empire people’s happiness and mental health is in priority.

Public mourning is strictly forbidden! There are no holidays based on that.

? It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to go to the mosques, churches, synagogues and other religious places!

? Bigamy or polygamy is illegal!

The relationship between a girl and a boy is a completely personal matter and no one has the right to interfere.

Adults over 18 years of age can only be in relationship with people over the age of 18.

? Women are highly regarded and valued in family and society, and housewives must be paid 1/3rd of the common income in society in Tasavof Empire.

? It is illegal to sell tobacco and alcohol to people under the age of 18.

? There will be no military service in Tasavof Empire, there will only be a mandatory period of 30 days for training after graduation from high school.

? The government is responsible to create employment for its citizens; otherwise, those who are unemployed are entitled to receive medical insurance and wages from the government.

Based on Cyrus Empire Constitution, next generation who will be the fresh and vibrant cells of this body (Iran), will be able to make the right decision and establish the social justice based on the knowledge and awareness they have gained through RESTART.

Domestic and foreign policies of the Cyrus Empire

? How will different ethnicities and religious diversity be treated in the future?

According to the motto “Human beings are members of a whole”, All minorities and ethnic members in the future of Iran will benefit from the same citizenship rights.

Teaching the common language, history and geography of the folks and ethnic groups in each province is mandatory.

The national motto of Iranian people in the “Cyrus Empire”
« Human beings are members of a whole »
With any race, ethnicity or religion, we are Iranians!

« Disintegration » is the red line of RESTART Opposition (Cyrus Empire). Therefore, if any religious, ethnic, urban or rural part of Iran, intends to separate from the country, we will stand firmly against them!

We will not have any “good or bad gene” (Agha Zadeh). Governmental roles are not to be inherited from father to son. In the Government of Scholars the basis is knowledge! Everyone with any religious or ethnic background can grow on the condition that she/he is knowledgeable and works hard.

? In the Government of Scholars (RESTART) the Executive Branch has different parties, including: Republican, Democrat, Labor Party, National Party, Real Reformist,…

Creation of division between the parties:
In the Cyrus Empire, the government will run the country by ten to fifteen parties by Creation of division between parties, each opposing one another, which means the opposing parties fight each other and other parties rise.

For example, America does not have a secular government; secularism is part of the American government!

Because no single-party government will last.

? We will no longer allow any religious or irreligious person to rule us. Because religion is a personal matter.

The basis of the Government of Scholars’ (RESTART) is wisdom.

? The Independent judge is at the top of the Legislative Branch; justice will be established on the decision of Sufism.

? Iran’s independence from British and Russian control; In fact, a new 1776 will happen in Iran.

We have drafted our constitution according to the laws of the Cyrus Empire and the US constitution that was granted to them by Sufism!

Iran should be similar to the United States, not like Russia and Britain.

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