In The Cyrus Empire, supporters of Obama, Clinton, Biden and Iran’s regime will be prosecuted!

Islamic Republic of Iran terrorist regime - Barack Obama - Hilary Clinton - Joe Biden

In America, anyone who sponsors or supports terrorists will be arrested immediately!
My question is why…
John Kerry, Obama and Clinton have not been arrested or jailed yet?!
They gave billions of dollars to Iran’s terrorist regime and supported terrorism!
Judges, where are you exactly?!

In America, if you do not pay $1000 in taxes to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), you will be arrested immediately, but if someone like Obama pays $2B of the American taxes to the terrorist regime of Iran in cash, he will be awarded a Noble Prize!
IRS investigators, where are you exactly?!

The law must be the same for everyone!
It is interesting that someone who should be in prison now has either been the US president (Obama) or wants to be president (Biden)!
They expect people to vote for terrorist supporters and strangely enough, they call that Freedom of Speech!

Do not threaten us!

For me as the leader of millions of Iranians, it is proven that Obama, Clinton, John Kerry and Biden are 100% supporters of terrorists and have aimed to break up America.

In The Cyrus Empire, supporters of these people and Iran’s regime will be prosecuted!
Do not doubt it!

The arrest of Iranian Americans who support Biden is JUSTICE and a clear demonstration of freedom of speech and respect for human rights.

The Cyrus Empire will counter-terrorists and their supporters very seriously!

Definitely, the land and airspace of Persia will be closed on them and…

Cyrus I

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