Remember June 13th and RESTART Leader’s ultimatum!

The bloody hands of the world's leaders for supporting Iran's terrorist regime

People all over the world have to wash their hands several times a day!
Do they have someone’s blood on their hands?!

I know you will not understand but…
Do not help the terrorist regime of Iran,
Otherwise you will have to wait for the second global disaster to happen!

Sufism Awakening

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini
Leader of the RESTART Movement

Remember June 13th and RESTART Leader’s ultimatum to the world!

What was Seyed Mohammad Hosseini’s message on June 13th?

He clearly stated that from June 13, 2019 on, any “country” that defends or promotes the terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran, its proxies or fake opposition groups affiliated with this regime has to face the consequences of their actions and wait for the day when our diplomatic relations with that country is minimized in Cyrus the Great Empire.
We, the RESTART Opposition with millions of members, do whatever we say because Sufism abominates dissimulation, especially in politics!

RESTART Leader’s message to the World on June 13, 2019

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