Blitz is the proposed strategy by RESTART leader to change the regime in Iran


Give me guns my friend!

The only way to change Iran’s terrorist regime is The Cyrus Empire Military Strategy proposed by the RESTART opposition!

Otherwise, Iran will be disintegrated and a residing place for terrorists.

We are the only opposition that has tens of thousands of soldiers and millions of members in Iran!

A brief but probably the most important message by RESTART leader!

Are RESTARTEES going to be armed?
RESTART leader asks his friend to supply him with guns to defeat the mutual enemy in a Blitz; who is his friend?!

Blitz is the proposed strategy by RESTART leader to change the regime in Iran!
Blitz is the same strategy that Seyed Mohammad Hosseini had suggested years ago as the best method.

It goes on to say that whatever else happens, Iran will be disintegrated and a residing place for terrorists.
It is obvious that a war of attrition is what the regime wants, and has already practiced that with their proxy groups in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.
Guerrilla wars are asymmetric and pointless with no specific time, place, or schedule except to hit the opponent. These sorts of violence and terror are exactly what a powerful and disciplined army like the US avoids.

With the regime’s life turning into a life of attrition and their oil sell less than what had been projected, and the regime’s insistence on negotiations, any sudden change is not far from imagination.

While many are hoping that Trump will finally agree, and at the regime’s insistence, sit at a table with them, and ultimately accepts their survival, some others believe that there must be other alternatives like the regime change or fundamental reforms to draw President Trump and Mike Pompeo’s attention.
But this show started by the regime needs the presence of the people to be believable, something that has not happened in any of the calls in the past.

The regime is ready to fall, but the only person who can make that happen is RESTART leader.
Toppling the regime is not the only goal of the RESTART opposition. Throughout these years, RESTART leader, with the help of RESTARTEES, has sought to raise the level of political awareness of the general public and even politicians and to make them realize that the only way to save their homeland is to start again, in other words, to RESTART, and understand the motto “All human beings are members of a whole”.

Changing the rulers or the names, or repeating the religious or non-religious games will not do any good to anyone. As RESTART leader says, our problem is not the dictator but the place of dictatorship. As long as this place exists, a dictator will automatically rise.

With the rise of public awareness thanks to RESTART, it is no longer easy to deceive people into participating in coups. The regime seems to be stuck in a terrible deadlock and it is gradually disappearing.
In phase one, it was possible to do the transition without any killing and violence, but today we have entered a stage that the regime and its fake oppositions’ crimes have increased to an extent that transferring power to the people who are both politically educated and furious in a non-violent process is just a vain hope.
However, managing this anger can only be done by the RESTART opposition, otherwise, as stated by RESTART leader, it will prepare the ground for the growth of terrorism.

Whether there is a coup from inside or a military strike from outside, the greed for power amongst those ruling the country or those looking to have positions in the future will make them establish a dictatorship. Of course, the fear of being caught by the people might entail irrational decisions made by them too.

The only force that can best manage the transition of power or even a war is the RESTART opposition; because not only it outnumbers other oppositions, but also all the guards are in good physical states ready to defend the country.
RESTARTEES are not looking for wealth or status, but their efforts have only been to raise people’s awareness and to Make Iran Great Again (MIGA).

By adopting Cyrus the Great constitution, which is a set of laws for empowering people and restraining corrupt practices, Iranians can lay the foundation for a future government. A state in which people live in guaranteed freedom and prosperity, and all existing political groups and ideologies have the freedom to express themselves and manifest their capabilities to serve their country.

Certainly, the corrupt remainders of the regime and rebels can only be controlled and taken to the court of law by a conscious and cohesive force who are the awakened and politically-knowledgeable people.

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