John Bolton, fear the day that the censorship of the RESTART Opposition breaks

John Bolton Is a Shark, and There's Blood in the Water

“Any attack on Iran that does not change the regime is betraying the Iranian nation!”

John Bolton, this tweet of mine is for two years ago and by checking out the content of your book, I realized I was right about you!

You are a Democrat who infiltrated Republicans!

You were aiming to put the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) and Reza Pahlavi into power in a pre-planned coup by attacking a few locations in Iran, but President Donald Trump found out about your plot and you lost the game.
You and your allies have so much innocent blood on your hands!

You were that fool that didn’t know I had exposed the coup plot in Iran Five years ago, so millions of Iranians were aware of that.
Although I am severely censored on Twitter, on Telegram, and among Iranians, I am the most powerful in Politics in the history of Iran!

The day the censorship of the RESTART Opposition breaks, Americans will find out a lot about you, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and the Radical Democrats.
Secrets that will make Americans feel ashamed of having you in their government.
That day is near!

By the way, have you told Americans that I am the author of two of the books published by the MEK?

Have you told them about the fabricated assassination, Interpol, and handing me over to Iran’s regime?

Have you told them how you and Pelosi are allies behind the scenes?

Whoever approves of you is definitely my enemy and the enemy of millions of RESTARTEES and the land of Persia.

It’s true that Millions of Dollars were spent on our censorship but fear the day that our censorship breaks.
Fear that day!

President Trump knows what happens exactly when our censorship breaks!

We are being censored for two reasons and a reminder;
1. Honest people who believe in moralities do not have media.
2. The media are dishonorable and have no honesty.

The reminder;
It took three years for President Trump to change the traitorous managers of Voice of America (VOA News) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL).

John Bolton - Michael Flynn

The difference between two books and two attitudes!
The difference between lying and honesty…
All lies in one word!
Something that is difficult to find in this era!

The world is nothing but a stable…
I realized it from the number of donkeys living in it!

John Bolton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Instagram, Twitter, and…

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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