The possibility of Iran’s disintegration!

The possibility of Iran's disintegration

A video has recently been published by the Turkish Parliament that officially speaks of Iran’s disintegration prompting the leader of RESTART opposition to post a tweet addressing Mike Pompeo and warn Turkey.

This video sheds light on the start of Turkey’s investment in the 30 million Turks of Iran!

The silence of the traitors about this video?!
They had produced the Turkish drama Magnificent Century TV series for such days!

Reza Pahlavi, the MEK (Mojahedin-e-Khalq), Farah Diba, Banisadr, the Iranian celebrities and athletes, the Islamic Republic regime, the Reformists, and the IRGC and Basij members have so far been silent about this video!

The IRGC organizes these kinds of shows in the stadiums, and similar activities at different places to prepare people for the breakup of Iran, however, with RESTART leader’s insights into the political situation of the world and the games played by the Islamic Republic regime to deceive people, they have so far failed to accomplish their goals.
If anyone protests, let us know!

The world should know that the disintegration of Iran is the red line for RESTARTEES!

RESTART leader has been warning about the breakup of Iran for many years, and in his new message, he once again noted that it may be time for the Iranians to prepare themselves for the breakup of their country and a horrific massacre!
He said two years ago if there was a coup in Iran or a war, and we didn’t have media, it means…
first a mass killing, then the rise of the Cyrus Empire!

Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Britain, China, and… have prepared themselves for the breakup of Iran;
Have you?!

In a message to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the leader of RESTART opposition also clarified his stance on the matter and reaffirmed their shared goals. He declared:

“Dear Secretary Pompeo, please watch this video,
Erdogan’s representative officially talked about the disintegration of Iran in the Turkish Parliament!
And sadly, we Patriots don’t have media to awaken and lead Iranians!
Everything I say on Telegram takes 2 months to be heard by ten million Iranians!
The only opposition that can save Iran from disintegration is RESTART.

As you know, Reza Pahlavi and the MEK have agreed to the split of part of Iran to come to power!

Many years earlier than any politician, I had spoken about the empowerment of the Patriots in America, the fabricated coup in Turkey, the mass killing in Iraq, the trade war between China and America, what’s happening in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, and the fabricated coup in Iran!
Disintegration of Iran is my red line!

I only explained the current situation and I’m not asking for media!
Our mutual goal is to save people and fight Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.
You definitely know that the only weapon Patriots have is awakening the people in the world, and sadly that requires media.”

In addition to Turkey and its ludicrous Parliament’s talk about Iran’s split, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, the current president of Afghanistan and the next presidential election candidate, also calls for Iran’s breakup, stating,
“My goal for Herat is clear, Mashhad must be part of Herat, not Herat part of Mashhad.”

From the distant past until today, mercenaries and foreign countries have sought to create conflicts among the people of Iran from different ethnicities and divide this country.
Concerning the recent events and the danger of Iran’s disintegration, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, the leader of the RESTART movement with millions of followers, drew everybody’s attention to an extremely important issue:

Iran’s disintegration is serious! (Plan B)‏

Unfortunately (fortunately!), I ‘rejected’ ‘their’ million-dollar offer;

‘They’ gave me the last ultimatum;

The Iranian Terrorist Regime, Reza Pahlavi (English & Globalist), the MEK (Russian & Radical), Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats must know that Patriots are not to buy!

They can’t kill me, but they will most probably shut down our pages or severely restrict other users’ access to them!
I will have to run an explanatory and justificatory episode!

We might not have our own media by the time they want to disintegrate Iran!
It’s only President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and a few other people who are opposed to the disintegration of Iran.

800 years ago, Hafez, the Persian philosopher, poet, and a great Sufi, taught us RESTARTEES,
“Till you grant my wish,
I won’t give up my demand”

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