Manoto TV falsifying the News

Manoto TV falsifying the News

The Manoto TV presenter seized the letter from the Iranian Army to the leader of RESTART in which they had said: “whatever you said was right and we support the Iranian people”.

Below is the original letter. Written in Farsi:


Date: 31/12/2017

Emblem of the Islamic Republic Army
Islamic Republic Headquarters

From: The Populist Army of Iran
To: The Braveheart Iranian People
Title: Solidarity along with consciousness

Without wasting any time, because of having momentary and brief access to some super-confidential letters, we hereby announce that the predictions of the RESTART leader (Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, the former TV presenter of the Islamic Republic Television) about the continuous attempt of the regime in directing the sincere and populist uprisings of the Iranian people to their desired direction are 100% correct. I and the rest of the populist army of Iran want to ask you, people, to act wisely and with full awareness and know that the army is with you.

Victory be with Iran and Iranians

The red text added to the original image by Manoto TV is to cover the name of the RESTART leader and to falsify the news:

The open letter of an army member to the freedom-seeking people of Iran in support of December 2017 uprisings
<< (We would like you to) know that the army is with you>>

letter From Populist Army of Iran to the leader of Restart, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini
Original letter
falsified letter by Manoto TV
Falsified letter by Manoto TV
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