Highly accurate facts about the fabricated coup in November 2019

The dark side of the fabricated coup of November 2019

All those who were killed were not ordinary people!

Many members of the MEK, the Ministry of Intelligence, Monarchists, Reformists, the IRGC and the Basij were killed in the fabricated coup in November 2019.

This also happened in 2009 as some people who had already been identified (from the close relatives of Mir Hossein Mousavi to the family members of some of the commanders and officials of Iran’s regime) were shot and killed!
And both the Reformists and Fundamentalists (Hardliners) were in power in Iran’s regime at that time!
A number of ordinary people who took to streets with this wave in 2009 were also killed!

Typically, in the power struggle between the two factions of the government, some ordinary people are also killed, in addition to government and security agents.

January 2018, the year of the “RESTARTEES’ uprising”, was the only year in which most of the “ordinary people” were killed.

All Opposition Groups against the terrorist regime of Iran issued a protest call in January 2018, and millions of people took to the streets…
In November 2019, all Opposition Groups against the terrorist regime of Iran invited people to protest and 80,000 people came to the streets with the help of the IRGC!
The reason is quite clear…
In January 2018, RESTARTEES participated in the protests and in November 2019, they did not!

And this is an evidence per se that confirms RESTART leader’s famous slogan:

RESTART is the only way to salvation

Remember that the Monarchists and MEK, like the leaders of the terrorist regime of Iran, are not ordinary people, and both Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Rajavi have spent billions of dollars over the past forty years, and it is not yet known which security organization in the world has paid this amount of money.
And these two groups (Pahlavi and Rajavi) have thousands of social media, TV, radio, websites, and magazines all over the world!

RESTART leader has been warning about the dire situation of these days and the future of Iran for many years. He had said that in phase one, the regime was to be changed by killing and arresting 2500 people, but the killings would reach 30,000 in phase two.
He also pointed to this issue in his new message and said:

“Let me know when death toll reaches 20,000 to 30,000!…
RESTARTEES have been trying to reduce the number of innocent people’s deaths for three years.
The officials, political parties and security agencies will kill each other like worms in the anus! Unfortunately, innocent people will also be killed in these clashes!
Therefore, it is possible to create conflict between the factions while sitting down! (taken from the program, Good Night Iran!)”

It is important to note that President Trump has exactly repeated RESTART leader’s remarks about the events of November 2019 in Iran!
Responding to a question about whether he intends to support the protesters in Iran, the U.S. President said that he did not want to make any comment but the answer was “No”!!
In a tweet, he made his position clear on this issue and wrote:

“The United States of America supports the “brave people” of Iran who are protesting for their “FREEDOM” (and not for material concerns). We have under the Trump Administration, and always will!”

This is a law in the United States. Protests are only meaningful for wisdom and freedom not for food (sleep, anger, and lust)!

President Trump tweet about Iran Protests

When President Trump confirmed RESTART leader’s remarks,
the leader of RESTART Movement, with millions of supporters, declared in a tweet that:

“Just like President Trump, we defend the people who rise up for freedom.
Look at these two phrases;

But the uprising, protests and the demonstrations for high prices, food and lust are “communist protests”!
We must rise up for freedom and awakening of ourselves and others, and make every effort for the establishment of the light of wisdom and thought instead of superstition and Ignorance!

In fact, one of the main goals of the fabricated coup of the IRGC to copy the challenges of RESTART Opposition was that the Iranian regime intended to convey a message to Trump that all the things RESTARTEES wanted to do was done in November 2019, but the regime easily controlled it! They wanted to deceive Trump into ignoring the RESTARTEES and prefer to negotiate with the regime. However, their plans were thwarted with the discernment of President Trump’s smart team!”

It should also be stressed that all media of the Islamic Republic, artists supporting the regime, BBC, VOA, Radio Farda, Manoto TV, President of the Terrorist Regime of Iran (Rouhani), Hashemi Rafsanjani’s son, Ministry of Intelligence, Kayhan (a newspaper in Iran) and the media affiliated with the IRGC collaborated with Reza Pahlavi and the MEK and invited the people to the demonstrations!

For example, the Iranian regime’s newspaper, Mardomsalari, wrote: “According to the constitution, people have the right to protest!”
Also, one of the Members of Parliament of the Iranian regime has criticized the way the government dealt with the recent protests in Iran! In a tweet, he wrote in response to the former commander of the IRGC that: “People have voiced their protest, but all of them (young and old) have been responded with bullets and arrests…”

For fear of repeating the Kahrizak event, Khamenei’s duplicate called the “martyrs for the donkey’s penis” (taken from a poem by Rumi) “true martyrs”!
He believes the protesters in January 2018 (RESTART Opposition uprising) should receive a death sentence but he has said that protesters in November 2019 should be treated with Islamic compassion!

Thereby, the difference between the recent coup and the real uprising of people can be understood!

The protesters in January 2018 were tortured and detained for months, and no one defended them, but after the IRGC’s coup in November 2019, all media and officials said one thing unanimously: “Release them sooner”.

About 80,000 people took part in the coup in November 2019, more than 50,000 of whom were the security agents, IRGC and Basij!
In this power struggle, many agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security agents affiliated with Rouhani were killed by the IRGC, whom Khamenei’s duplicate calls them martyrs!
There were very few ordinary people and real protesters in these fake protests, several of whom were unfortunately killed and arrested.

By looking into these events, we can realize the conflict between the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence!

Apparently, you can see that the MEK and Reza Pahlavi think that they have won the game with this coup!
You can see happiness on the face of Maryam Rajavi, Farah Pahlavi (Diba), Reza Pahlavi and the terrorist IRGC!
However, most important of all is the MEK’s coalition with the IRGC and the Pahlavis!

Another important point is that the Reformists, Reza Pahlavi, MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq), VOA, Radio Farda, BBC, Manoto TV, and all individuals and media that deceived the people into taking part in the fabricated and failed coup in November 2019 have some things in common:

They are against Trump, Pompeo, and Israel.

They love Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Nancy Pelosi.

They defend each other strongly and have millions of dollars.

According to thousands of documents, they are connected to a faction inside Iran (the IRGC or the Ministry of Intelligence)!

Interestingly, they all encouraged people to vote for Rouhani, mourned for the IRGC and said that the IRGC were not terrorists, strongly opposed President Trump’s sanctions, and tried to show the Israelis as usurpers and murderers to the Iranians in the past few years.

And now, those who asked people to vote for Rouhani have become overthrowers and invited people to protest in November 2019 and participated in the coup of the IRGC and collaborated with the terrorist IRGC and caused the death of the people!
From Amad News (the Martyr for Money), pro-MEK VOA, to BBC, Farashgard members, and Manoto TV!

Here are points much finer than a strand of hair…

The RESTART Opposition becomes sad by the death of even one person. The political groups should not introduce “themselves” as the people cause ordinary people do not have billions of dollars and thousands of media and do not take orders from Britain, Russia and the terrorist regime of Iran or security agencies!

If just fifty thousand RESTARTEES had taken part in November 2019 (the IRGC Coup), the regime would have been on the brink of collapse once again as it was in January 2018, to such an extent that the Islamic Republic officially declared at the United Nations at that time that only RESTARTEES could change Iran’s regime.

The Internet was shut down so that RESTART leader would not turn the coup into a widespread uprising, and since the IRGC had staged a preplanned coup, they easily identified and killed the dissidents!
In fact, the Monarchists and MEK helped the IRGC tremendously to suppress and identify the dissidents more easily!

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