revealing the false face of one of the last remainders of Iran's terrorist regime, mullah, Mohammad Tawhidi

Statement by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, the leader of RESTART Opposition to reveal the false face of one of the last remainders of Iran’s terrorist regime, mullah, Mohammad Tawhidi, known as Imam Tawhidi or Imam of Peace on social media.

You took a photo with the members of the IRGC, Globalists and those who stole billions of dollars!
These are the enemies of America, Israel, and Persia!
Did you know that Mike Pompeo and the Trump administration have officially disapproved of them?
If you did, you are like that fly sitting on the stool!

Imam Tawhidi
Delete your post on Twitter and apologize, otherwise, I will write about your mullah leader, Shirazi, to let all the Patriots know where you are from and what are you are aiming to do!
You may be able to deceive Americans but not Persians; they have seen thousands of people just like you in the terrorist regime of Iran!

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi Tweets

Before you block me, Facebook, Instagram, Iran’s terrorist regime, fake oppositions, Globalists, and Radical Islamists had already done that!
We have dozens of proofs of you, the son of the former Shah of Iran and Iran’s terrorist corps!
Don’t talk about Iran’s freedom anymore!
What we want to do exactly is to save Iran from people like you!

In order to attract Patriots, you had to confess to your disgraceful past and the whole purpose of doing that was to introduce one Globalist to President Trump’s fans so the British could empower this person in Iran through a coup!

Mr new Imam-of-the-present-era, your past can only be forgiven by a judge and implementation of justice!
Admitting does not erase one’s corrupt past. Probably ten years later to deceive a new group of people, you will publish a new book and confess to your new misdeeds and betrayals!

  • Have you told American Patriots that you had a meeting with the terrorist IRGC and Farashgard in 2019?!
  • Have you mentioned anything in your book about your photos in 2019 with the Pahlavi family (son of the former shah of Iran) who are officially enemies of President Trump and Israel and close friends of McCain?!
  • Have you told Patriots that all of your friends you go to meetings or take photos with have photos with Hezbollah or Hamas flags?! And you have been assigned to pretend you are defending Israel for the benefit of Palestine?!
  • Have you said anything about the new relationship of your mullah leader, Sadiq Shirazi, with Reza Pahlavi and the $90M-contract of the British Intelligence organization?!
  • Do you want me to complete your book for you?!
    So you can write my name as the only author who is sincere?!
  • Have you told Patriots that you are part of the Islamic Republic regime and Sepah (IRGC) likes and retweets your posts?!

You tell the world who you are!
Seventy million Iranians know me; and according to the regime itself, I was the most expensive and the most popular TV personality in Iran. I had TV programs 363 days in a year and not once did I say “down with America or Israel”!
And if I would agree to whatever the regime wanted me to do, I would have had a villa in each state of the US!

It was your wish one day to take a photo with us, and your family couldn’t wait to watch my shows, now you say I have zero followers?!
At least you could have mentioned your own family members as my followers!

You didn’t deserve a tweet, and it’s obvious from your motto and blocking a lot of accounts, but tell the million-dollar team supporting you that whoever defends Globalism and Radical Islam will have to come to the court of law in the Cyrus Empire!

You say “I’m a Patriot” and introduce a British Globalist to President Trump’s supporters. It’s like I say I’m a Patriot and introduce Obama to Iranians!
Stick to Iraq!
Don’t talk about politics in Iran and delete that stupid tweet of yours.
We have nothing to do with you!

Based on the agreement between mullahs, the Pahlavis and Britain, Reza Pahlavi wants to replace these people with Khamenei!

Mohammad Reza Shah had a close relationship with mullahs Makarem Shirazi, Falsafi and etc., and gave an award in literature to Makarem Shirazi!

According to the documents released by CIA, former Shah of Iran prepared the ground for Khomeini to take over the country, and Khamenei did the same for the son Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi!

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