The real racist is the Pharaoh inside you!

Pharaoh Barack Obama Gate = OBAMAGATE

Racism has nothing to do with skin color!
Racism is seeing yourself superior than others!

A black person happened to be Barack Obama killed thousands of innocent people by the Billions of dollars he paid to a white, the terrorist regime of Iran.

The real racist is the Pharaoh inside you!

Our opposition, our beliefs, goals, and constitution date back to thousands of years ago and millions of people have given their lives for it!

Cyrus the Great and Rumi are two of us!

Here’s our Opposition’s motto, the poem by the great Sufi, Sa’di and the motto of Cyrus the Great:

Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you have no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain.

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

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