The way to save the world and America is Iran’s regime change and Donald Trump’s re-election

The way to save the world and America is Iran's regime change and Donald Trump's re-election

President Trump’s popularity is growing, and Americans are strongly critical of Democrats.
Americans believe the Democrats have no plans to save the United States. Nancy Pelosi, the old hag, has not been at work for a while for fear of Coronavirus and Joe Biden, the only Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, is all talk.

Americans are totally disgusted with the Democrats because they did not let Trump close the borders and prevent the Europeans and Chinese from entering America.

RESTART Leader holds the Democrats responsible for the deaths of American people because of the mystical Coronavirus and declared in this regard:

The death of any American from Coronavirus indicates the unfounded foolish objections of Radical Democrats who did not let Trump do hundreds of important things, including border closures and the fight against China and terrorists!

The Democrats also censored us (the RESTART Opposition) and the Iranian regime did not also change.

3 years ago, I told millions of RESTARTEES that in America they should trust Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo only.
Today’s simultaneous censorship of President Trump in the media controlled by Democrats proved that I was right.
A real Democrat is a good person when s/he is a Republican.

The way to save the world is Iran’s regime change.
The way to save America is Trump’s re-election.

It is the case of tit for tat…

The terrorist regime of Iran was an epidemic and global virus and killed hundreds of thousands of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Dervish men, women and children in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other countries, and the world remained silent!

Sufism sent the mystical Coronavirus so that the world would learn from their deaths that:
“Human beings are members of a whole”

The world is being disciplined.

For now, keep quiet and suffer until the nice spring!

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