Donald Trump president of the United States and Fans

Radical Democrats of America decided to impeach President Trump, which is in line with the interests of the Islamic Republic regime, Russia and Britain. They want to disrupt President Trump and boycott him because he fights for Patriots.

In this regards, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini warned Democrats and all those who benefit from the Trump impeachment and specified his stance as the leader of the RESTART opposition and said:

Iranian embassies in the greatest fire challenge!
Don’t get too excited, IRGC!
Trump impeachment means attacking all of Iran’s terrorist regime embassies in the world!
We won’t get involved with the Radical Democrats of America; we only attack the roots; that’s exactly where pisses Democrats off!
There is no doubt that the world Patriots from Venezuela to Hong-Kong will join us!
Attacking Trump means attacking all the Patriots of the world!
Let’s show off our power to each other.

Democrats are in a war with President Trump over the RESTART opposition.
They want to save the regime of Iran!
Nancy Pelosi and other Radical Democrats intend to save Iran’s terrorist regime, dictators like Erdogan and Maduro, and the government of China by attacking President Trump.
Wise Democrats should stop Radical Democrats, or America will no longer have a Democratic party in a few years.
Take my word seriously!

Pelosi is enraged because by Bolton’s dismissal Democrats can no longer have access to Trump’s think tank!
Do Democrats want to blackmail President Trump?
Aren’t these pictures surprising?!
Nancy Pelosi, John Bolton, and Rudy Giuliani are all in the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and the son of the former Shah of Iran’s campaigns!

After the great presence of RESTARTEES in Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter page in protest of President Trump’s impeachment, Twitter blocked thousands of RESTARTEE accounts as in the past!
It’s a pity that these great Patriots had to join Twitter!

You Globalists have reached the end of your journey; you are only making it longer to survive, however, this road is a dead end on both sides.
May the devil bless you!

US sanctions have destroyed Iran!
Whenever President Trump decides, we will disrupt Iran!
We can simply produce a civil war in Iran and confuse the regime!
We have our guards all over Iran.
Here is the UN Security Council. You can see the regime’s fear of the RESTART opposition!

If President Trump chooses the patriotic movement of RESTART, whose words are the words of great scholars like Cyrus the Great and Rumi, he must have rejected billions of dollars!

China, Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Britain are willing to pay billions of dollars for the MEK to come to power in Iran under the cover of the son of the former Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi!

Billions of dollars versus real Patriots and Rumi, and he will choose us!

Obama gave $150 billion to Iran’s terrorist regime to save the mullahs!
Iran’s Terrorist Regime is willing to pay $150 billion to impeach Trump so that the mullahs’ regime will not change!
This reveals the huge difference between the incumbent president and the former president of the united states and how Obama betrayed the people of Iran and America.

Radical Democrats should know that even if the entire world votes for them, they can never impeach freedom, thought, and patriotism!

To end this hoax impeachment, as the leader of the RESTART opposition, I have a message for Donald Trump, president of the united states:

“Dear President Trump, to end this ridiculous stream of impeachment and Democrats leaving you alone, there are only two solutions, you can either extend the hand of friendship towards Globalists and terrorists especially Iran’s regime and accept the JCPA,
or strengthen the world’s Patriots to fight Radicals and Globalists!
There is no 3rd way!
You need to act like Russians!
Strengthen the Patriots of one country to take over their country from the Globalists and Radicals then go to the second country!
Russians got Hafez al-Assad and Saddam Hussein to power then took over Iran by Saddam; they then got Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah, and Erdogan to power by Iran.”

Finally, as the leader of millions of RESTARTEES, I must make it clear to everyone that we should once and for all save our country from the evil ones.

I was a TV host for 11 years in Iran and saw hundreds of officials and Radicals of the IRGC and Basij face to face.
They believe a day will come when America disintegrates and the IRGC rape the American women and children!
I ask the American Patriots: Do you believe that Pelosi, Obama, and Democratic Radicals paid money to such a terrorist regime and defend them?!
Those who impeach Trump are the devil’s friends.

Now it can be easily understood why the RESTART Opposition is being censored?!
This is due to the fact that it knows a lot!…

RESTART opposition is the only opposition that never got any funding from any group, party, opposition, and Intelligence organization although it could. We did not sell ourselves!

We defend Trump and the Patriots of the world because we believe in freedom.
We follow our hearts and fear no one in the world!

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